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Stauchy Blog » Blog Archive » Living in Tomorrowland? - um…Oct 13 and/or 14

Living in Tomorrowland? - um…Oct 13 and/or 14

Flying the red-eye to New Zealand begs one question when arriving in CHC (pronounced “Cheech” in Antarctica speak for Christchurch): “What Day is it?”  (For pictures, see: Christchurch Picture Gallery)

The flight from the States requires a cross-over the International Dateline…and thus, we “lose” a day.  We arrived in CHC on Oct. 14th at about 0900 (still the 13th in the U.S.).  Some Kiwi’s (New Zealand folks) who work for Raytheon travel met us when we got off the plane for a briefing of activities.  We got our room assignments and monies for NZ and made our way to the shuttles. We stayed in “The Livingspace” - a cool little apartment-style hotel ($89 Kiwi $/night) in CHC.  We basically discovered that those of us who failed to fill out a hotel request were sent there.  We hit the shower, then hit the town on a quest to find a few items still needed. We failed on our quest to find screen protectors for the new cameras (apparently not a hot item for kiwis - we hit every camera/electronics store in CHC), new battery for the camera (too pricey), and sunnys (sunglasses - no wrap-around/sporty shades for?protection from snow blindness).

We went to the Tap Room for lunch - a bar centered around a local brewery - Monteith’s - where we had eaten our 1st time in NZ and loved the beer.  This time was fantastic beer (the original ale) and a new dinning experience. We ate off the “stone”. A filet-type cut of beef served on a hot stone. You slice the meet and cook it to your desire right in front of you.  It was incredible! From there, we continued the fruitless quest over town until it got chilly and we wondered back to the room for our jackets.

From there, we ventured to the square and into a Starbucks.  Yes, a Starbucks.  This really was our last “crack fix” for the next 13 months. We met some fellow polies playing chess in the square and headed for dinner to Sgt. Peppers.  We were told this was a great place for steak - our dinner group of 5 agreed that it wasn’t great at all.  From there we headed to Bailey’s - we were told this was a bar in the square where all Antarcticians hang out - not the case tonight, but cool shots donned the walls.  We ran into some other folks outside the bar and chatted for a while before returning to the hotel to catch some zzz’s.



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