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Stauchy Blog » Blog Archive » It’s Mohawk Time! — Saturday, Dec. 16 (LAS)

It’s Mohawk Time! — Saturday, Dec. 16 (LAS)

Tonight was pizza night in the galley.  Jason and I went to dinner and chatted with some friends as we awaited approach time for his departure for South Pole ROCS (Recreational Outdoor Camping School).  As we were eating dessert, I got a call from “J11″ on my radio asking about dinner options.  “J11″ is one of the summer camp jamesways that houses some of our friends on the FEMC crew.  They are a really fun crew and we always have a great time.  There is a mini lounge area in the middle, and a bunch of the day shift crew “debriefs” there after work with some drinks.  I had nothing better to do, so I asked Francie (our production cook that is wintering with us) to whip out a few pizzas for me to wrap and carry out to summer camp. 

When the pizzas were ready, I kissed Jason goodbye and headed out with the pizzas.  I called “Detroit Mike” and told him to meet me half way if he wanted some pizzas - and he did.  As we approached summer camp, Jason radiod me and said goodbye and waved from the deck of the elevated station. Summer camp was a blast that night.  The crew was in great form and laughing about the weeks events.  A portion of the crew moved into the empty spare room.  Within minutes, Detroit Mike reappeared with a mohawk. He and Rose had consumed enough alcohol that it was a good idea.  With that, the group followed.  Jared, Dave Ford, and Nate all got their mohawks and “Johnny Love” got his head shaved bald (After some ugly 3 stooges hair cut business — he is losing a bit and the mohawk wouldn’t have worked). With that, we all headed up to the galley where movie night was rolling.  I went and jumped in the shower before joining back up in the galley.  When the movie ended, we congregated around the bar in the galley and talked.  Dave Ford harassed people to shave their heads and a big movement began to shave my head into a mohawk. I didn’t waiver.

Detroit Mike Hawk     Jared & Rose     Dave ford     johnny love

Emrys came and joined the crowd and Dave started a chant for the “beaker” (all science people down here are referred to as “beakers”). Suddenly, Kelly Schermerhorn, the UT apprentice yelled to Emrys - “I’ll shave a mohawk if you go.”  With that, Dave was off to find the clippers and rally Rose back into the hair cutting business.  When the clippers came out, Kelly bailed.  Sarah P., our welder, felt sorry for Emrys as he was now in the corner of the lady’s restroom with Rose ready to chop of his hair.  Since Emrys expected a buddy, Sarah decided to join the haw-cutting.  After the 2 of them were complete, Plumber Andy put his head under the clippers, as well.  By now, Dave was still working the galley tryign to recruit more “Hawks”.  Suddenly, the newest staff edition, Karthik, a winter-over for ice cube, was entering the restroom to get his Hawk. By now, Detroit Mike had radiod Jason and told him that I had just been held down and received a mohawk.  He relayed a bit of the night’s activities to Jason and the other happy campers.   Andy Martinez, who has big, bushy hair, approached the scene.  The crowd was ready for Andy and I to lose the hawk.  Andy wasn’t interested and I wasn’t budging.

emrys.JPG     sara.jpg     andy hughes     karthik.JPG

I proposed to the crowd the possibility of losing my hair if the entire crew remained “incident free” for the remainder of the season.  I mentioned the possibility to Andy and we had their consideration.  The night slowly dwindled down and I split and headed to bed (with my hair as I had started the evening).


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  1. lucy Says:

    i thought for sure u’d do it! well - i guess u’re pretty sure that there’s going to be at least 1 incident.

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