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HAPPY 2007!!! - Sunday, Dec. 31 (JRS)

On New Year’s Eve there was a big party in the gym. Previous years’ parties were part of South Pole Lore and generally involved a bit of craziness, like people dancing in a cage. Lynette and I aren’t usually New Year’s party people and we’ve tended to take it easy on New Year’s Eve in the last few years, but we were pretty excited about what this year had in store. For high resolution pictures, see the gallery: New Years at the Pole

The previous night was a Saturday, which is traditionally party night here at the Pole (in case you haven’t been reading our previous blogs). We decided for a bit of a change and got a bunch of people together to play volleyball. It was about a four hour marathon, and we were finally kicked out of the gym so that they could set up for the party the next night. They had already blocked out the windows with cardboard, which made the volleyball action a lot better without the sun shining in our faces.

The next evening, we had a hard time deciding what to wear. After getting all snazzed up for Christmas, we didn’t feel much like dressing up again, but we eventually decided to go a bit dressy. Lynette borrowed a top from Jeri, the I.T. chick. I wore my nice red shirt, but left it unbuttoned at the top. Some people went all out and were dressed to the nines, some people went casual, and some people went for costumes. Tony, a Kiwi cargo guy, came with a guy riding an ostrich costume; Travis, the carpenter, came in his usual tight glittery pants; and Leah, the dining attendant, came dressed as a fetish mistress. There were several other hats, masks and costumes scattered throughout the party.

sd700_1225-0110-039_blog.jpg sd700_1225-0110-048_blog.jpg dsc_5948_blog.JPG dsc_6180_blog.JPG sd700_1225-0110-056_blog.jpg When we walked into the gym, the place had truly been transformed. They had put up a huge parachute to make a fake ceiling. There were colored lights set up, shining down from the exercise room above the gym. There was a stage with all sorts of instruments set up, and there were some tables with snacks set up in the back. The place was also decked out with tons of Christmas lights. I have to say that it looked nothing like the gym we had played volleyball in the day before, and it looked great. The party was slow starting as a few people shuffled in. The first band, with a blue-grassy sound, started not too long after we got there, and a few people did ho-downs and swing dancing to it. More and more people started to show up and things were getting started. Lance, Lance, man of romance, arrived with the rest of the Met crew. They had started things a bit early with Black and Tans, and Lance in particular was feeling pretty good. He was pretty hilarious.

When the first band completed their set, Lynette and I hit the stage to draw names from a hat for prizes for the star safety performers of December. We had a variety of prizes and a gift certificate supplied by Raytheon.

img_1873_blog.JPG img_1875_blog.JPG

The second band came on about an hour after we got there. They were a more traditional party cover band with guitars, a bass, drums, and even Chris, the summer Met guy and winter waste management guy, on the sax. They were definitely good, especially considering that there were only about 225 people at pole and we had limited resources. The party really started to kick up at that point as people put away more beers and got out on the dance floor. Paul, one of British Royal Navy guys took over the role of lead singer. It turns out that he had a band back in England, and he did a great job. Also joining in on vocals was BK, the Site Manager. The crowd loved it!

It seemed like no time before it was time to count down to the new year. Being on New Zealand time, we were one of the first groups in the world to ring in the new year. I suppose it’s completely arbitrary which time zone we celebrated in, but we’re all accustomed to New Zealand time, so that’s when we did it. I heard stories about people who celebrated the new year in every single time zone at the Pole, but we weren’t up for it this year. As the new year turned, there was a big cheer from the crowd and there were plenty of hand shakes, hugs and kisses. Shortly after that, several of us went out to the Pole to have a celebratory stogie. Of course, people ran outside without putting on their ECWs, so it was a fairly short-lived event. Roger, from IT, passed out the cigars, and we all tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to start them up. We gathered for a group picture around the Pole, and Lynette and Diane, one of the fire fighters, had a shot taken of them lighting their cigars together. Chris even came out with his sax and played Auld Lang Sine for us. It was really cool! One of the British Party was there as well. He was getting cold, so Lynette gave him her coat. She only had on her fairly skimpy shirt underneath, and the guy said, “Are you crazy? You’re going to freeze!”. To which Lynette replied, “We’re tough down here at the Pole!” This to a guy who just spent forty-five days skiing across Antarctica. Everyone got a good laugh.

p1010646_blog.JPG p1010647_blog.JPG sd700_1225-0110-050_blog.jpg p1010667_blog.JPG sd700_1225-0110-054_blog.jpg sd700_1225-0110-055_blog.jpg

We headed back to the gym where the party was still going strong. Chris did a great version of Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes. It was awesome! The dancing continued and at one point, we were bothed grabbed to go outside and moon Comms. About 20 of us went out and someone radioed Comms and said, “Comms, comms, we have an emergency on the flight line, please take a look.” Then we all dropped trow. I saw some people with a camera, but I have yet to see the pictures. The party eventually simmered down around 2 or 3 am. As usual, people were trying to convince people to move the party down to the bar. So, here we had a nice big gym that was all decked out and nice, and people wanted to go down to the dark, dirty, drab, stinky bar to continue the party. Lame! Lynette and I were out, so we headed for bed. It seems like the party didn’t get nearly as crazy as in years past, but I’d have to say that it was definitely the most fun I’ve had at a New Year’s Eve party.


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