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Stauchy Blog » Blog Archive » Brits, Hannah McKeand, and Indians - Friday, Dec. 29 (JRS)

Brits, Hannah McKeand, and Indians - Friday, Dec. 29 (JRS)

In the past few days, we’ve had three NGA (Non-Government Activity, or as we call them, tourists) groups arrive on skis.  Four men from the Royal British Navy, about a dozen people from the armed forces in India, and a soloist who was out to break the record for quickest solo trip from the coast to the Pole. 

The British group had spent forty-five days skiing in from the coast.  The group from India had only skied the last two degrees.  The soloist, a lady named Hannah, started at the Hercules Inlet and arrived today, successfully breaking the previous record by a couple of days.  They were all greeted by Andy Martinez, the Winter Site Manager, who greets all of our guests.  They were given the usual tour of the station, and I got to meet most of them in the Lab and give them an overview of the instruments that I am responsible for.  The seemed like a great group of people, and they had all had quite a trip in getting here.  The British group was also planning on skiing back out to the coast.  Most groups that skied in would get a flight out.  On top of that, most groups only ski in the last one or two degrees.  So these guys were really pushing the envelope.  Hannah and the Indian group were scheduled to fly out the next day.  After their tours, they set up tents near the “tourist airstrip” on the other side of the Pole and settled in for their various stays.  The British group ended up staying for about a week.


That evening, they were invited in to the galley where they all gave a recount of their trips in.  The British group had a full on outreach program going on, and they were sending updates to a web page to be followed by teachers and students back in the UK.  Because of that, they had already put together a presentation with pictures from their journey, starting with their trip down to the Ice through Chile.  They were all very interesting speakers and kept us Polies quite entertained.  The group from India and Hannah did not have a presentation, but they told their stories, which were also quite interesting.  After the talks, they stayed in the galley and chatted with people about various things.  Not long after this, the power went out and the alarm sounded.  The emergency response team sprang quickly into action, but it was quickly called off.  However, the power situation was a bit shakey, and Al decided that all science equipment should be powered off.  So, I spent about an hour in the lab and out at ARO turning off all of my instruments.  When I returned to the station, several people were heading down to the bar with the tourists, but Lynette and I decided to pass.


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