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Stauchy Blog » Blog Archive » Fire school & “American Night” - Oct 19, 2006

Fire school & “American Night” - Oct 19, 2006

On the schedule today is continued training for the fire brigade.? There is a lot of excitement in the air for tonight with Scott Base (the Kiwi Base) opens it’s arms (and it’s store and bar) for American night.

We were up and at the Galley at 0730.? Too late for REAL breakfast. I was starving - the body was needing more energy than I regularly gave it. I had some granola (which I didn’t love) and warm water. That would have to do until lunch. This morning we had continued training for the fire brigade up at the fire station (They have real firefighters and trucks in McMurdo).? They smoked out the upper room and the Team 2 folks (Jason is the lead for Team 2 which is the full bunker gear team that responds to fires) did a simulated search through the building for a dummy.?As on-scene safety and incident commander, I didn’t don the gear this time, I watched everyone gear up, checked their bunker gear and gave tips to folks before the ventured into the smoke.? The drill went really well.?The drill cemented skills for those who went through training with us a few weeks ago and taught some new folks that we are adding to the team.? We also got to go down to the airstrip area to see the kind of truck that we will be getting new at the pole this year (we will actually have 1 trained firefighter at all times to man the new truck).

From fire brigade training, we went to the computer lab where I learned that the CM (Construction Manager) and the McMurdo safety guy (Brad)?were both looking for me.? We grabbed lunch in the galley — I was still pigging out and not ever feeling full.? I am going to love this place :) .? Jason hit the lab and worked on some follow-up stuff we were still doing for stuff back in CONUS (continental U.S.).? I went off to find the EH&S building. I found it, but no Brad. I chatted with his wife for a while and then headed back down to the lab. I corresponded with people looking for me from there.

Every Thursday night is “American Night” at Scott Base. Scott Base is the Kiwi (NZ) base right down the road (something like 3 miles round trip walk) that we share resources with quite a bit. We ventured out to the DJ bus stop after dinner to try to catch the 700pm bus. We were heading over with Carol, one of the sous chefs for Pole this summer. We made it onto a bus somewhere around 730pm and were dropped off near the bar.? We started in the store. We bought a patch with a picture of Antarctica that said “A woman’s place is in Antarctica”, a long-sleeve t-shirt from the base (sized to share), a candy bar that one of our new kiwi friends (Paul, a winter-over at Pole with us) recommended, and Barocca (the equivalent for airborne as we were feeling a bit crappy).?From there, we headed into the bar.

The Stauch's at Scott BaseNot much excitement for us, chatted with a few folks and then dressed to make the next taxi back. We were outside for about 15min before a taxi showed up (parking in the wrong place). Some que breakers (line breakers) siezed the opportunity, and 7 of us who had been waiting outside got beat out for a spot on the taxi. The driver said “tell people that you have priority” - I yelled back that we did that but people jumped the gun anyway. At which point, the driver gave us a password. You had to be able to say “ninja” to get on the next shuttle…so we waited outside…for another half hour.? It was really lame, and the excitement of going to Scott Base went down the drain.? We eventually made it back and got ready for bed.


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