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Stauchy Blog » Blog Archive » Bag Drag & Scott’s Hut - Oct. 20, 2006

Bag Drag & Scott’s Hut - Oct. 20, 2006

So, we got our manifest information today. Jason and I are scheduled to be on the First flight to the Pole this season. We’ll be part of the crew to get the station opened! Tonight is also our opportunity to see Scott’s Hut!  For more, higher-res pictures, see our web gallery: Scott’s Hut and Cross.Jason continued to spend his days meeting with his counterparts here at McMurdo to gain any knowledge that will help him with transition, meeting with his supervisor, and filling his days with work around station as needed. I went to my first Friday am call-in with the EH&S at 0900. Interesting group dynamics - not sure where I will fit in. The guy I am replacing is anxious to go - and ready for me to replace him.

I stayed there working all morning and then met up with Jason for lunch.? After lunch, we tried to follow-up on some leftover business in CONUS again and I started corresponding with the person I am replacing at?the Pole about protocols, procedures, and general Pole information.

There was an open house at Scott Hut today. Jason had already walked down to the hut before and up to Vince’s cross (a cross errected by members of the Scott party when Vince had slipped off into the sea and died). This was, however, my first time to the building and the first time to see the inside of the hut. Jason and I went down with some other Polies, Emrys and Brian. The building served as main base camp for the Scott expedition and others to follow. Some of the items from back in the day were still in the building. The building, we learned, was a prefab in the early 1900s based on huts that had been built in Australia to keep the heat out. The party had thought that the hut would work to keep heat in during opposite weather conditions. They were wrong. It did block winds, but that was about it.The boys got some pics of the dead seal out front.

Vince's cross near Scott's hutJason, Emrys, & Brian at Vince's crossScott's hut (view from below vince's cross)Jason & Brian inside scott's hut

Bag Drag was 7pm. We decided to go early due to our combined baggage issues and need to rearrange stuff. We called for a taxi to make life easier. We were worried about our weight limit as it is less than the previous flight (Jason was 13lbs over and I was 2lbs over). Getting there early didn’t help. The place was packed and we had to leave our bags outside until more people got checked in for the flight.

Once inside, we moved dense items into our carry-on bags and did some shifting of items. With that, we made our way to the weigh station.? Turns out, my position provided an additional allowance of 70lbs. No more worries - We were well under that. They weighed us individually with our carry-ons at that point and then we were done. It was nice to be rid of our big bulky checked bags, especially in our tight living spaces.

After bag drag, we each grabbed a shower and headed for bed.

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2 Responses to “Bag Drag & Scott’s Hut - Oct. 20, 2006”

  1. Tholo Says:

    Needed a visual, thought other might like one too:

    Scott’s Hut and Vince’s Cross

    Vince’s Cross

  2. stauchy Says:

    Thanks a lot!! These are very cool pictures, and a big help until we can get our own pictures up (and even then).

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