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Stauchy Blog » Blog Archive » We’re still here, but so is Banff - Oct 21, 2006

We’re still here, but so is Banff - Oct 21, 2006

We woke up to the excitement of the first delayed flight to the Pole for the new season. Unfortunately, this was our flight. We were somewhat bummed about still being in Mactown, but also excited that we would be here for the 1st Antarctica showing of this year’s Banff Film Festival.

The day started at 0600 (this turns out will be the first of many). We met for breakfast, learned of the change in flight status, and made our way to Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) training.  From there, I went to Outdoor Survivial Lecture (OSL) - a training course that Jason had done during Happy Camper school that I needed to attend for us to have authorization to go on any of the longer hikes around the base.  A lot of the information was repeated in the Happy Camper school, but I did learn how to use the efoot plan.

Jason hung around 155 and helped as needed. I went up to 142 after lunch and checked in with the folks up there for a bit. There was only review for me to complete. I opted to do this in 155 (where it was a bit warmer). The rest of the day and dinner was uneventful.  We hung out in the galley after dinner until the Banff film festival was about to start.  Our dinner brought a very important question to light: What is a MURPH?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Jason and I darted to our rooms and sorted out clothes to wash. He changed in my room (so I locked the door briefly). This is when I learned a new lesson about locks in McMurdo housing. Less than 5 minutes after leaving the room, a roommate (1 of my 6) asked if I had a key. I sure didn’t and neither did the other 5.

I called the firehouse and asked about getting housing over to unlock the room. Housing was called and we finished getting the laundry ready.  We stuck our heads in for the first film.  It was a really cool little film - 6 minutes long.  Something with “balance” in the title.  The guy had all this reverse footage of balanced things being knocked down. Since it was in reverse, it was always “balance restored”.  It was really awesome.  I went to check on laundry and got a few things to hang dry in the room. That’s when I discovered that in the last 1/2 hour, my roommates hadn’t been let into their room, yet. I called the firehouse again - apparently hoursing never responded. It was strange that nothing had changed there in a half hour. The housing supervisor was called and the door was soon unlocked. In the interim, I saw chunks of a few films that looked pretty funny.  There was a film about a 10yr old hard-core free climbing girl, a dude who wanted to “paraglide” across the Grand Canyon, a crazy freestyle mountain bike competition held annually in Utah, a documentary of a climb of a wicked mountain in the himalayas, and 1 about a hockey team in India.  One of our favorites was a mocumentary on “tramps” - it was so funny - these 3 guys run into people’s yards to go trampolining without permission.  The interviews/filming was GREAT!

From there, we did a quick e-mail check and then headed to bed.


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2 Responses to “We’re still here, but so is Banff - Oct 21, 2006”

  1. Tholo Says:

    Short for Murphy–as in, Murphy’s Law? What’s the context?

  2. stauchy Says:

    The context is that Lynette thinks that “murph” has a specific meaning, but nobody at the table had heard it used that way. So, she’s asking a broader community what they think it means, in order to verify her definition. We don’t want to bias people with her definition, so we’ll wait until later to give that out. But, I can say that your definition is not the same as hers.

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