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Stauchy Blog » Blog Archive » Can you believe there was another Saturday of parties? - Saturday, Jan. 6 (LAS)

Can you believe there was another Saturday of parties? - Saturday, Jan. 6 (LAS)

This morning was a busy “prep” one for me.  I was getting stuff somewhat organized so that Amber and I could work on inventory when she comes next week.  She is the EH&S lead in McMurdo and will be covering for me during my R&R (our one week of vacation) in McMurdo.  I was pretty busy all the way up to dinner with meetings and trainings.  Jason went to the store and got some wine for tonight’s festivities and we eventually met up for dinner.  There was a birthday celebration, followed by the Met crew’s wine and chees party, followed by bingo, followed by impromptu volleyball.  For higher resolution pictures, see the web gallery: J-Love, Wine, and Bingo

Dinner festivities were orchestrated by our friend Sarah to celebrate Johnny Love’s birthday.  You may recall the funny pics of the toga party of Johnny Love in safety goggle all night.  We took the picture and printed out life-size versions of his face in that picture and put them on popsicle sticks to create masks for the dinner crowd.  When Johnny Love arrived at the galley for dinner, he was greated by ~30 people with masks of his face.   They also made a huge choco-mound, full of all kinds of candies cake to look like Mt. Shasta (JLove is near Sacramento).

jlovebday08med.jpg     jlovebday09_med.jpg

After dinner, we went to the wine and cheese party hosted by the met group in the B2 science lab.  We enjoyed some chips with french onion dip and cheese and crackers with our wine assortment.  The snacks were really the treat as there is a somewhat limited selection of wine in the store (that was used for the party), but the snacks were definitely not the usual.  We left the wine and cheese party after about 45 minutes of social time to be sure to get good cards and seats with our friends for the 2nd night of bingo.  The galley filled up, as it had before, and James Brown was face-painted and ready to roll.

Everything was going along pretty much as it had before, until the second game.  This was the first one that Jason won.  The prize was a pound of coffee and a decorate-yourself-mug.  He had only needed one spot to get Bingo for several calls, and finally James Brown made the call.  Jason jumped up and yelled out “BINGO!!”  He ran up to the front, where James checked over his numbers to make sure he wasn’t cheating.  James looked up and gave a dramatic pause before declaring, “WINNER!”  Jason then yelled out “Yeeaaahhh!”, and in Brandy Chastain fashion, ripped off his shirt and did a victory dance.  The crowd was pretty amused and gave a big cheer.secondbingo10_med.jpg     secondbingo16_med.jpg

But, wait, there’s more!  The very next game, which was simply 4-corners (with a dinner gift certificate in Cheech as the prize), Jason won again.  He jumped up and yelled out Bingo again and ran up to the front.  Even though it was his second win, the crowd still cheered because of the scene he had created.  As James checked over the numbers, the crowd started chanting, “pants, pants, pants”.  When James declared, “WINNER!”, Jason ran up to the food service line, jumped up on it and started undoing his belt.  The crowd was cheering, but Jason lost his nerve and decided to just dance around up there, with pants safely on.  The next game was won by Charlie, one of our friends who we meet in Cheech and had been hanging out with quite a bit.  He went the next step and pulled down his pants to give a full moon to the crowd.  It was definitely a good time!

 After bingo ended, quite a few people hung out in the galley, and as usual, it was heading downhill, including a war over what music was going to be played.  It was getting lame fast, so several of us decided to play volleyball.  We played for a couple of hours before heading off to bed.


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2 Responses to “Can you believe there was another Saturday of parties? - Saturday, Jan. 6 (LAS)”

  1. Tholo Says:

    Lol, now, how often do you hear someone talk about playing volleyball before heading off to bed? Not in the land of the setting sun!

  2. stauchy Says:

    Yeah, that’s true! It’s about 100 yards to the gym from our room… about the same distance to all-you-can-eat buffet. Even better is that our commute to work is about half that far, and the movie theater is in our living room.

    The land of the setting sun is going to be very difficult to adjust back to!

    (although this will be the land of the setting sun in about another 2 weeks)

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