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Stauchy Blog » Blog Archive » Buzz and the Penguin March-Both go down cold - Oct 22, 2006

Buzz and the Penguin March-Both go down cold - Oct 22, 2006

Sunday was a sad, sad day for the Stauch’s.  There are rarely, if ever, flights on Sunday (only emergencies, essentially, as deemed by the NSF). This meant our day was pretty much occupied by the GT football game…or I guess we should say…the Clemson game. We attended a science lecture on B-15, a ice glacier threatening the March of the Penguins.

We both slept in and finally got up to stagger around to the Galley for a great brunch. From there, we headed to the lounges to see if the GT game was showing anywhere. Sadly, the lounges were full of people watching movies.  Can you believe it?  You actually have an opportunity to watch U.S. sports here (thanks to military TV) and people were watching movies.  Granted, people who have been here for a while are tired of the same commercials repeating about not beating your kids and not drinking too much (no chance of bud bowl 2007 for these guys) - but still.  It was time for American College Football!  As we wandered the halls aimlessly, we heard the joyous cheers of football from one of the dorm rooms.  I poked my head in and asked what they were watching. Then I heard the sweet voice of an announcer mention something about GT.  We were invited to join, and thus began our friendship with the McMurdo firefighters.  We sat with them until 4th quarter when rugby practice called them away.  At that point, Jason and I wandered downstairs to the tvs at the entrance to 155 and pulled up a couple of chairs to watch the game continue to spiral down.  It was a really bad showing for GT.

We spent some time in the computer lab/galley until dinner.  After dinner, we stayed in the Galley for another presentation. This was a presentation by some researchers who were here studying penguin colonies.  Have you seen the movie the “March of the Penguins”.  It is a really amazign feat that these animals continue to return to the same place to nest each year.  Well, apparently back in 2001, a chunk of ice, a glacier large enough to supply the US with water for 5 yrs, broke off and smashed right into the path of one of these colonies.  The ice mass prevents the penguins from reaching the land from the water and marching to their nesting area.  It was a really sad, yet informational presentation.  One colony was particularily focused on — Before 2001, the colony was producing about 2000 chicks.  Last year, they produced none.

A science lecture later in the week, that we didn’t attend due to the call of the Burger Bar, is concluding that a huge storm that occurred in the previous year in Alaska caused waves with enough magnitude in Antarctica to cause the ice to split….

I think Jason may have spent 20 minutes outside…I sadly spent none, I think…we were on full conservation mode with expectation of a flight first thing in the morning to our new station at 9300ft asl….tomorrow seems like a good day to fly.


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