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My replacement is here (but not when I am not) Jan 9-Jan 14 (LAS)

On Tuesday, I finished the root cause analysis of the emergency response to the power plant that occurred on dec 26th.  Because we had some injuries, I spent a lot of time trying to backtrack to decisions/protocols/procedures that led to the injuries.  I’m pretty happy with the lessons learned to take from it and share with my replacement next November.  Amber flew in today, she is my replacement while I am on R&R next week in McMurdo (She has my same position in McMurdo, but there are 3 to 4 EH&S people there during the summer).  The funny part is that I am showing her around and giving her familiarization training, but she is leaving when I do to return to McMurdo (bed space keeps her away next week). 

We completed a tour of the elevated station, went through a discussion of supplies, office layout, the season thus far and where we are currently as a station in safety.
Jason and I played some volleyball tonight and then he left early to give an escorted tour of ice cube to some of his PI’s in town.  I went out at about 2200 to check the scene out at DSL before meeting up with Jason.  We hit the bed at about 0100.
On Wed, Amber and I met up at 0730 and we started haz chem inspections of all the workcenters (UT shop, carp shop, and VMF).  We also completed the weekly water sampling and did some noise monitoring.  Another night of volleyball – Amber joined us given her quick acclamation.
On Thursday morning, it was a big paperwork/reporting morning.  I met with people to discuss shield reports (corporate reporting of incidents, near misses and spills).  I had 3 to complete before we went back to haz chem inventories (heavy shop, NPP, ARO).  We got Amber’s hero shots by the Pole and met up for another meeting for a root cause injury that happened earlier in the week.

Friday was more shield reporting with the satellite up before heading to the Dark Sector for tours and haz chem inventories (MAPO).  Tonight was a late card night of hand and foot.

Saturday was a bit different, and a very rewarding day.  We started with a haz chem inventory of ice cube and tour.  Amber and I then met with Andy (winter site manager) and BK (Station manager) to review the construction industry’s 9 techniques and their application at Pole.  We identified several things that we are doing well and came up with great ideas for improvements.  Today was manager cook day (relief from holiday work that the galley put in).  The last 45 minutes of dinner was me and a couple of people in the dish pit.  Not sure where the other managers went. 
Today was the celebration of our friend Sarah’s birthday (our welder).  There was cake and good times before meeint gup at the summer camp lounge for a Big Labowski party in her honor.  It was complete with white Russians. The party ended without too much craziness before we all headed to bed.

Sunday we were our typical late-rising selves.  We enjoyed some brunch and Sunday volleyball before hitting the laundry room.  We did some final packing and cleaning before meeting up with some friends for another night of cards.
Amber, Jeff, and Cathy played for a bit.  Eustacia, Steven Slay, jason, and I played almost all night.  I went to bed around 0400.  Jason, however, stayed up all night finishing up some work in the lab and doing a calibration of his instrument at ARO.

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