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Can’t get Outa Here-Oct 23

We were up at 0600 to learn that flights were delayed again. This, of course, was later cancelled. After breakfast, we checked our e-mails and caught up on missed items before heading to Confined Spaces training. After the training, Jason met with Steve (his counterpart here at MCM) for another trip to Arrival Heights for some work up there.  For more, higher-res pictures, see our web gallery: Miscellaneous MacTown.

I headed up to 142 to work in my established office here. I quickly learned that my office was cold. I hadn’t really noticed on Friday…but Monday am was nippy back there. I did what I could to last the morning working on the machine before heading to lunch. After lunch, I ran into Amber and Brad on my way out of the building. I joined them on some rounds to check scaffolding applications in one building and assist with some fall protection training with some people using a forklift with a man basket. After the training, it was back to the computer lab and then onto dinner.

Following dinner tonight, a guy was doing a presentation on his trip to Mongolia to take part in a hunting trip with Golden Eagles. It was really interesting and you could tell he had studied the culture quite a bit before going. Definitely a cool resource for traveling in the area and some really neat pics.

At about 10pm,I learned that the rumormill about a smaller flight to Pole on the Basler (a plane rated for colder temps) was true. The flight would leave first thing in the am in the event that the Hercs couldn’t go and I was one of the priveledged 18 (and Jason was not). The idea was concerning. Knowing that altitude and me aren’t always a good mix, I wasn’t excited about hitting the Pole without my primary care giver. Beyond that, the flight would be lower to the ground with cooler views, but would also require oxygen masks and a way to deal with motion sickness. I was nervous. Everyone else was excited to be one of the 18 or wishing they were on that flight. I couldn’t sleep. I got on the computer and e-mailed Jason. To my delight, he was on the computer in the lounge of his dorm. I got dressed and headed over. Enroute, I saw some awesome pictures of the “sunset” (it was somewhere around midnight). We made a plan to pull out some tiny pads from the lounge and snuggled for our last night together in McMurdo.

Sunset in MactownSunset in MactownSunset in MactownSunset in MactownSunset in Mactown

We were wakened a few times throughout the night. Mostly by people who were concerned that there were people sleeping in the lounge because housing had overbooked “mancamp”. Someone offered earplugs and a sleeping mask - the sleeping mask was helpful.


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2 Responses to “Can’t get Outa Here-Oct 23”

  1. moribajah Says:

    So…where are the frikin photos here? eh? chop chop!

  2. stauchy Says:

    yeah, yeah, yeah… we’ll get to it. It’s just our way of making sure that you “stay tuned”. We just got to the Pole, so we’ll get to it soon.

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