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Bolie Powling and Ob Hill Loop - Tuesday, Jan 16 (JRS)

Today we had dentist appointments, showers, Bolie Powling, a hike around Observation Hill, and a presentation by Dr. William Slader, a long-established penguin researcher, called Penguin City. For high resolution pics, see the gallery: Days 2 and 3 of R&R
Lynette got up early (well, relatively early for vacation) to go to the dentist at 9.  Everything went smoothly for her and the dentist gave her the dental go ahead for wintering over.  When she returned, she woke me up and we put some laundry in.  We headed in for lunch and then I was off to take my first real shower in a few months.  It was heavenly!  By normal standards, it was a fairly quick shower (probably about 5 minutes), but the fact that I could leave the hot water running while I lathered up was sooo nice!  I vowed to take a shower every day.After that, I was headed to the dentist.  Everything was going along smoothly and the dentist was commenting on how good everything looked.  But, then he noticed something towards the back of my mouth.  He took some X-rays and set up an appointment for me to come back on Thursday for a cleaning and anything else that the X-ray revealed that I would need.  While I was at the dentist, Lynette headed to the Post Office and then to the Health and Safety office.
That afternoon, the rec department had set it up so that we could bowl (they affectionally named it Bolie Powling).  They had already started by the time we got there.  Kris and Emrys were behind the pins and were responsible for clearing and setting up pins.  In case you didn’t read the blog from McMurdo, the bowling alley is quite unique.  The pin setting is a manual process.  Also, the lanes are far from level, which is a nice leveling field; good bowlers get worse, and bad bowlers get better.  We played a game and had a few beers.  For the second game, Lynette and I took over setting up pins.  It was kind of a freaky experience to be behind the pins when someone was bowling, but it was pretty cool, too, and a lot of fun.  The bottle of wine that Lynette and I split helped!BoliePowling
After bowling, Bob, Karthik, Lynette, and I decided to do the Ob Hill Loop hike.  This was a new trail that had been built that goes around Ob Hill, rather than climbing it.  The wind was blowing pretty good, which made it a bit miserable at times.  We had a hard time finding the trail, but we headed up the road and eventually found the trailhead, which is half-way around the hill.  On the sea-ice side, we saw probably about 50 seals out on the ice.  It was kind of cool, but they were so far away that you could hardly tell what they were.  It took about an hour and a half to do the hike, which was mediocre at best, and then we headed into the galley for dinner.ObHillLoop2 ObHillLoop1
After dinner, we headed to the Crary Lab (the largest science lab on the continent) for a talk by Dr. William Slader, a world renowned scientist who has been studying penguins for almost half a century.  Some of you may remember National Geographic’s Wild Kingdom.  He had made a documentary for the show back in the 70’s, which he showed for the audience.  But, before the documentary, he did a talk about the journeys on which he got the footage.  He was a funny old man, and he certainly kept the crowd entertained with his storied about dogs, women, and the days before the Antarctic treaty when they learned how to best prepare penguin breast.  By the time that was over, the satellite was up back at the Pole, so we could check our email.  After that, we were off to bed.

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