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The Oden - Wednesday, Jan 17 (LAS)

We continued our trend of sleeping-in. I woke up at 1000 and began working on the blog. I finally woke Jason up for lunch at noon. Enroute to the galley, we ran into Emrys who had, with Sven’s help hooked us up for a tour of the Oden this afternoon. The Oden is an icebreaker that is owned/manned by the Swedish and chartered by the NSF. Sven is one of our friends at Pole who works for ice cube – he is Swedish and knows the first mate of the boat. We all went for lunch together and then dressed for our field trip to the boat.  For high resolution pics, see the gallery: Days 2 and 3 of R&R

At 1330, we met at the handwash station and walked down to the pier. After the tour of the Oden, we all decided to take advantage of the fact that the coffee house was open for us (it’s a coffee house/wine bar that they allowed us to use for the day – normally not open in the afternoon). For lack of something better to do, we decided to play some cranium. We hung for a bit after that and then went to the galley for a quick snack before meeting Amber (the EH&S chick in McMurdo) and Chris (a full-timer from Denver). Chris had helped us a ton before we deployed to get through some of the paperwork mess we were dealing with to get reimbursed from our Raytheon travels over the summer (all of our receipts were in one of the bags that were stolen from our house). We had a great time hanging with them and even saw some friends we had made during our first travel through Mactown. Good times.  -LAS

30d_randr-002.jpg     30d_0111-0117-150.jpg     30d_0111-0117-148.jpg     30d_0111-0117-134.jpg     sd700_randr-060.jpg 

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2 Responses to “The Oden - Wednesday, Jan 17 (LAS)”

  1. Tholo Says:

    Nice hat!

  2. lstauchy Says:

    Like that? I LOVE IT!!! This super cool guy I used to work with at Parsons sent it to me as a gift! Jason is waiting to bust his out as a mid-winter treat - I, however, went for the instant gratification :) . Thanks again!

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