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Stauchy Blog » Blog Archive » More Gallaghers, Please! - Friday, January 19th (LAS)

More Gallaghers, Please! - Friday, January 19th (LAS)

After the long day yesterday and the late night, we slept in again. This time, we both woke up shortly before lunch. We went into the galley and got some lunch before heading to the computer lab and working a bit on the blog. Our R&R crew decided to take our McMurdo hosts up on the offer to open Gallaghers early for the Polies. They left the karaoke machine up from last night, as well.  For more, higher-res pictures, see our gallery:  R&R Days 5-8.

At 1500, Jason headed to arrival heights with Jim (PI from BSI). Jim is the principal investigator and person who trained Jason on the BSI project. That was the training that took him to San Diego shortly after we returned from Atlanta last summer. They were doing some training. I went to Gallaghers and met up with the rest of the R&R crew. Neil (currently a cook in McMurdo - refers to himself on occassion as Chef from South Park for good reason) and his roommate were also there. Neil is going to be our sous chef for the winter – we learned tonight that his new nickname would be “Trouble”.

sd700_randr-119.jpg sd700_randr-121.jpg sd700_randr-122.jpg sd700_randr-115.jpg sd700_randr-114.jpg

Pictures in order are: (1)Terry & Neil; (2) Lynette & Neil; (3) Terry & Jim; (4) Emrys; (5) Neil gettin’ his groove on

Jason and Jim eventually joined us at Gallaghers for some margaritas and the burgers when the bar opened. There was an acoustic guitarist/singer at the coffee house tonight, so we made our way over there (after Jason and Neil went to purchase additional bottles of tequila and mixer). We were at the coffee house around 2000. A few members of our group were slightly disruptive, so we made our way to the open part of the coffee house and played some cards until the bar closed at 11pm. I was on the internet until about 1230 am trying to order some last-minute things we decided we wanted for the winter.

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