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Party Night In McMurdo - Saturday, January 20th (LAS)

We were up again in time for lunch today. We both went to the computer lab and started working on the blog until 1400, when the polies had decided to meet up for some volleyball. I met a firefighter in the computer lab who decided to join us – so we were 5 polies and a McMurdo firefighter for 3on3. While we were there, 2 guys joined the game. One of the guys had an awesome first serve – turns out, it was a fluke. The second one nailed Jason in the back.  For more, higher-res pictures, see our gallery: R&R Days 5-8. More...
Our experience in the gym in McMurdo made us really appreciate the gym at Pole. The gym at McMurdo is a arched, low-roof building in which everything seems to hit it. Additionally, the max top of net is somewhere around 6”-1’ below regulation which makes it easy for all the tall guys to spike. Third, the assembly for the net has cables and cargo straps (plenty of cut hazards). Emrys sliced his pinky during the disassembly process.
While we were playing volleyball, Curtis and Steve flew in from the Pole. Curtis is the GA that won the Race around the World at Pole and is running the McMurdo Marathon tomorrow. Steve is an electrician who is supposed to winter with us. He had a bit of a rough night with alcohol the day before and was being released.
We broke from volleyball and headed to dinner. After dinner, we dressed and went to Hut 10. The GA’s had it reserved for the evening and invited the polies to hang out. We had come down with most of the GA’s and they had cycled through Pole all summer, so we knew quite a few of them. Ben, one of the GA’s, had done a sailing trip from the NE of the US down to the Caribbean and back. We watched the video of the trip that he and his friends had put together. It was pretty cool.
Tonight was the big waste barn party. We all made our way up for the festivities, which included live bands throughout the evening. Within the first hour or so, one of the R&R crew would bail. We weren’t there very long, but we were there long enough. None of us seemed to be in the mood – despite the fact that it was a fun party. I think we were partied out from our week thus far.

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