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Stuck in Purgatory - Oct 24-27 (LAS)

So, each of these days rolled by just like the one before. We got up every morning at 0600 with dreams of being on the first flight to the Pole at 0700. Weather continually was bad at the Pole and we continued to live in what we affectionately called Purgatory.  For more, higher-res pictures, see our web gallery: Miscellaneous MacTown.We were still living out of our carry-on bag, which meant ECWs for the most part as primary attire. We couldn’t settle in since it was temporary living and Jason and I were still in separate rooms (J in man camp and Lynette with 5 other ladies). It wasn’t like home and it wasn’t like where we were going. It was just Purgatory. Days were filled with training and prep for the pole and misc work that we could do to help McMurdo with the overflow of people at site.

Thursday night was the only entertaining evening that stood otu for many of us. We began filming on the first great film for the 2007 South Pole Film Festival. We don’t want to give away too much at this point, but let’s just say that man camp is officially called “Hotel California” for a reason….and after 2 weeks of packed in, the guys were ready to document the experience. It was a fun night of crazy filming with our new Polie friends. I kept wondering though, as we taped it, would it be as funny to people in the outside world? We’ve watched other videos that Polies have made in the past, and didn’t appreciate them nearly as much as those who had experienced the same things. Will our awesome video, that made us laugh so hard we almost wet our britches be as funny to our friends and family back home?

Man camp in prison of hotel CAMancampers in filming30d_1012-1116-205-small.jpgKelly and CharlieSarah and her light

I guess we will have to wait until Jan when the editing is done and it is presented in the film festival before we know the answer….


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