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YOUR mom - Oct 28, 2006 (LAS)

So, planes were cancelled at 0700.� This meant we were definitely going to be in town for McMurdo’s annual Halloween party tonight….and that meant we needed costumes….and needed them quick.� Little did we know that Lynette’s costume would blossom into a top 5 contender for a prize as the funniest. For more, higher-res pictures, see our web gallery: Halloween in MacTown.

We were both dragging when the news of the plane cancellation hit our ears.� We went upstairs to the lounge and took a quick nap on the floor before hitting fire training school.� We then hit the BFC in attempt to get a costume.� No dice.� Apparently we had been misdirected.� I did get a shirt mended there, so it wasn’t a worthless trip.

We were allowed to access our bags today, which meant we finally got a towel (for the first time in 2 weeks since we forgot to leave one out in our bag).� We grabbed some lunch, did some work in the computer lab and headed to gear issue to try to throw together a costume.� I pulled out a cat mask that was furry and fit over the face and some old broken down welders goggles that looked like binnoculars.� Surely we could make a costume out of that!� We headed to dinner and listened to other people talk about prepping for the party we still weren’t sure if we were going.

I finally decided, with the help of some perfect props obtained by our new friend, Sara (a welder at Pole this year) to go with the one that we had joked earlier.� I wasn’t excited about halloween this year and Nick asked me at lunch what I was going to be for halloween.� I quickly responded with my old standard “Your mom”.� Nick quipped, “Oh, are you going to fix me a sack lunch and bake me some cookies.”� With that, Jason quickly responded with “No. She is going to walk around with a sign on her chest all night labeled with ‘$1.25′”.� With that, a costume was born.� Jason donned the cat mask and binnoculars and dressed in all black long underwear.� He was a cat…with a sign that shouldn’t be broadcasted….perhaps.

I made it into the top 5 funniest costumes with “Your mom”.� I was clad in a leopard skirt that i wore as a dress, a cigarette that someone gave me, a bottle of wine, a sign on my chest ($1.25).� The crowd loved it.� Unfortunately, there was a bit of poularity that went with the voting and the Polie didn’t win…I’m happy with it, though :) .

After the contest, the party began rolling.� We saw one of the coolest party effects that night.� As the gym heated up and got incredibly hot, they opened the large doors in the back to let cool air in.� We had the foggy dance floor effect immediately with the rush of icy cold air into the gym.� It was great.� There was no overheating at this party :) .

When our crowd was partied out, we decided to hit the coffee house for some wine.� It was a fun crowd of Polies (meteorology Tim, housekeeping Kelly, welder Sara, crane operator Mike, production cook Joel, Jason and me).� Mike and Jason played�a game of chess and we left there�at about 1230 to hit midrats�(dinner for night shift crew/people up) in the galley.� We hung out with a lot of people in costume, and a lot of people were yelling at�”mom” for motherly advice.� It was a fun night.

We decided to put together a makeshift bed of pads in the lounge at hotel california and cashed out for the night.


After the contest, the p

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10 Responses to “YOUR mom - Oct 28, 2006 (LAS)”

  1. MomL Says:

    Should I be offended?

  2. jjskie Says:

    Sounds like a great time. we are enjoying all your adventures…dad and joanie

  3. kenlois Says:



    these are two sites that I enjoy looking at,,, are you at the Amundsen Scott area?? is sure fun to follow,,,love ya!!!

  4. kenlois Says:


    maybe another of interest.

  5. mattNjenny Says:

    Dang. Awesome. It’s a bummer you didn’t catch the plane, but it sounds you like you made the most of the situation!! :) We look forward to your pictures… of “your mom,” of the Pole, of Jason streakin’ in freezing weather, of penguins… you know, of everything…

    have fun!

  6. stauchy Says:

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to everyone…


    Actually, no… the joke is “your mom”, whoever happens to be looking at her, so you’re actually the only person who couldn’t possibly be offended! :-)

    Joe and Joanie,
    Glad you’re enjoying it, we should have more posts (and pictures) soon.

    Ken and Lois,

    Thanks for the links, they’re really cool! Yes, we’re at Amundsen Scott station. The live picture on your cmdl.noaa site is a view of the new station (where we live) from a building that I work in once a day. If you timed it right, you might see me walking out there! And, yes, the temperature on the 70south.com webpage is correct (currently -45F)! But, it’s actually not as bad as we were expecting.

    Matt and Jenny,
    We’ll get pictures one of these days! We did finally make it to the Pole, so we’re psyched. But, the first week or so is especially busy, plus I’m having problems maintaining the website because of computer security issues. Stay tuned, we’ll get them eventually!

    Thanks everyone, it’s so great to hear from everyone “back home”!!

  7. moribajah Says:

    So typical of you…!
    Y’all KWAK me up!
    Maybe we’ll see you on the South pole cam, huh?


  8. pstauch Says:

    Haha, yur NUTS!

  9. madayton4@aol.com Says:

    Hi Jason and Lynette:
    Watched Good Morning, America but they didn’t show any people other then the news people. Did show ice bergs and a Polar Bear. It was on Monday here. Guess ther is about 17 or 18 hours diffrence in time.
    Looking forward to seeing about your next adventures.
    Love, Aunt Mary Ann

  10. danaklaric Says:

    Help! It’s been two weeks and there are no more stories/adventures to read about! I hope to read more of your experiences soon; Cameron keeps teasing me that we should venture to the pole ourselves but I need D E T A I L S :-)

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