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Taking the Reins - Nov. 1, 2006 (LAS)

Sleepless night. As much as one might think that sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor in a tight shirt with wires hooked up to your head and chest is comfortable….let me assure you that it is not.  I was up for my first safety briefing inthe new gym at 0630 with the newest FEMC crew. It went well, especially since Bill was nice enough to get up early and handle the first one. 

From there, Bill and I started tours of the elevated station, the arches, the done, the fuel arch, the tunnels, and the cryo shack.  In the interim, Jason started to train on his new job, while still taking it easy. He went out to ARO to do BSI’s daily tasks. Neil (one of the winter-over techs who will be back for the winter) took Jason on a tour of the Dome. For the most part, our goal was to learn as much as we could from the previous folks without overtaxing the body.  With the quick change to high elevation, altitude sickness happens every year to 1 or 2 people.  We were determined to not let it be us this year.

We went to the Emergency Response hand-over at 4pm.  We talked with the previous responders about how it had been working, particularly the new radio system.  The teams then split off to discuss activities/tasking/gear location specific to the teams.  We have a 4-team response in the event of an emergency. Team 1 is the “Hasty team” that bolts to the scene to determine the problem and a full scenario of the scene.  Team 2 is our fire brigade (they suit up in fire bunker gear and don SCBA). Team 3 is logisitics - they deliver supplies as necessary (fans for ventilation, water, spare batteries, fire extinguishers, etc). The Trauma team is headed by medical and performs all victim/patient care.  Each team has a lead that coordinates activities of team members.  Jason is the Team 2 lead — the head firefighter dude.  I am the OSC (on scene command).  When something goes down on the ice, I communicate between the team leads and organize the solution (with any luck).  I communicate to our winter site manager, who is the overall incident command and works in comms to keep communications flowing on ice and organize any needs beyond our control on ground (eg emergency flight to evacuate an injured person).

After the meeting in the gym with all ER team members, Jason got geared up with his bunker gear and SCBA equipment, then went on another tour of the new station and old Dome, conducted by the previous year’s fire brigade lead and I sat down with Bill to talk a bit more about the ER coordination. Following clean-up of fire gear from the gym, we ate a quick dinner before heading to bed.


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