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The First REAL Departure – Wednesday, January 24st (LAS)

It was a weird day for us.  We just got back from R&R on Monday and already there are people leaving that have become our friends over the course of the summer.  The day started with the morning FEMC safety meeting.

Brad (FEMC Construction Manager) asked me yesterday to deliver today’s safety moment.  It was one of my favorites.  Given that we are finishing up the season and people’s brains are starting to move elsewhere (either off the ice or preparing for the winter), I needed something somewhat captivating.  Meetings had gotten a bit dull.  I pulled out the Book of Meditations (Marcus Aurelius ) that my friend Thomas had bequeathed to me before my departure from Parsons.  In there, I found the quote for my safety topic: “If any man is able to convince me and show me that I do not think or act right, I will gladly change; for I seek the truth by which no man was ever injured.  But he is injured who abides in his error and ignorance.”

It seemed like such a perfect link to look to the ancient Rome for advice since we are drinking water made from ice that was formed here at the South Pole during the time that ancient Rome was at peak power….and that’s the link I made.  I was pretty happy that I kept people with me for as long as I did…and the point made by Epidavrous was fairly valid.  People tend to continue to do things the way they were trained or they way they “figured it out”.  It’s important for those of us “in the know” to educate the person next to us and it is important for the rest of us to listen to the advice and learnt o do things correctly.
The rest of the morning was business as usual.  When the plane for our departing friends landed on deck, we made our way out to the flight deck.  We were sad to say good-bye to our Polie friends, but happy for them to leave.  They were anxious to go and be with their families – and that was fun to see that excitement in their faces.  Lots of folks had started getting down over recent weeks – ready to go.  As people were preparing to leave, the excitement that filled them when we met at the beginning of the season was now returning – it was nice to see – even if it means that we will miss them greatly.

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