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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (to us)! - Thursday, February 1st (LAS)

This morning, I headed down to the flight deck to run through all of the fuel sampling that the fuelies run through on a daily basis. In the event that we ever have to give fuel to an airplane, it has to be tested for water content, “anti-freeze” content, and particulate content. I am learning to run through these in case we have to give fuel to one of the first flights of the spring season when we open in oct/nov. From there, I returned to my desk, which was now decorated with a 8.5×11” sign that Jason posted on my cube. It was a variety of flower bouquets with calla lilies to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary today. We like to give traditional wedding gifts (1=paper, 2=cotton, 3=leather, and now 4=fruit and flowers). Fruit and flowers is a tough one for the pole. Can’t exactly get those easily here. It was really cute.

After lunch was a practice run-through of the start-up of the emergency power plant. We have learned from our drills/alarms that it is important for several of us to learn and understand how to start it up and run it in the event that a situation calls for the EPP. I tried to work on my anniversary present during few moments of non-work time when Jason wasn’t around. I was late in getting the idea (Thanks, Janelle for the help!) and getting some supplies sent. I am making a collage of all the majorbuildings/facilities around station and cutting out portions for placing our pictures from this year. Janelle is sending stickers of flowers to recreate some of the buildings and a picture frame. I am pretty excited about it. Jason told me to be ready for a fancy dinner at 1900.

So, after the last set of air monitoring that I did on the flight deck, I made my way to the showers and got ready. We wore the nice outfits that we brought with us. Jason had coordinated a private dinner for the 2 of us in the quiet reading room (library). Stephanie and Eli, 2 of the galley cooks, made a 6-course meal (complete with fresh fruit). Stephanie even made a little menu that was propped up waiting for us. Some of our friends (Bob the UT foreman, Charlie the galley materials person, and Terry the forklift operator for the summer/greenhouse chick for the winter) had helped Jason decorate the room. There were white Christmas lights around a private table. Jason set up an end table with our laptop cycling through pics from our travels of the last 4 years and playing music. Bob and Charlie brought a table down from the galley and nice linens for it. Terry supplied a bunch of silk flowers and ivy around the room and even had some flowers from the greenhouse to decorate. It was an awesome dinner and a wonderful evening.

anniversary01.jpg   anniversary05.jpg

Dinner was a 6-course meal.  (1) Fresh fruit and cheese; (2) Warm cream cheese lobster spread (one of my favs of the night); (3) Garden fresh salad with honey dijon dressing; (4) Orange serbet with papaya; (5) Baked halibut & brown butter dill sauce, tarragon rice, garlic sauteed freshies, and dill bread; (6) chocolate raspberry bavarian cream cake (with happy anniversary written in hard chocolate along the edge of the plate - that part was even worth diving into).

anniversary03.jpg   anniversary04.jpg   anniversary07.jpg  anniversary14.jpg

It was quite a realization that even with a small crowd around us and limited resources; we could pretty much have a perfect romantic evening when you have such high caliber folks to help. It was a wonderful evening – one of our coolest “dates” ever – definitely a better evening than I ever expected to have at the South Pole in Antarctica.


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2 Responses to “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (to us)! - Thursday, February 1st (LAS)”

  1. kenlois Says:

    So proud of you two,, that you utilized your heritage and created a special day to remember,,, a very late and meaningful,,, Happy Aniversary!!!!l.

    ps… is really fun to read of your experiences.

  2. stauchy Says:

    Thanks! We have a lot of fun writing about them, and we it’s even better when we get to hear from people!

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