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Stauchy Blog » Blog Archive » Stinkin’ Burglers - Oct 6, 2006

Stinkin’ Burglers - Oct 6, 2006

So, Friday, October 6th seemed like a normal enough day for 2 people moving out of the house they have loved over the past 3.5 years in sunny southern california.  We were still on a decent schedule.  We knew we couldn’t make the Race for the Cure in Denver, but things were still looking good for a smooth, slow-paced drive to Denver and minor preparations for leaving for Antarctica.  Most shopping had been done and a complete list identified what we had packed for the pole and what was ready for “post pole”.  Lynette had moved all her e-mails and contacts from her “Parsons” computer over to the personal computer and we had “played out” the going away parties to their fullest.  Shortly after noon, we loaded up the Jeep to take one of the final loads of stuff over to the storage unit and get some lunch.  We were gone for almost 2 hours and returned to meet a locksmith to make changes to the door handle we had broken just a few days earlier.  We ate lunch, chatted on the phone with some buddies, and Lynette went on a quest to find the laptop to do a little work on it while Jason searched for the DVD case to add another disc to it when it dawned on us that we had, in fact, been burglarized.  That springboarded us into a crazy whirlwind of trying to get ready for the pole.  Lynette called the police immediately and then, when realizing her wallet was stolen, made a call to the credit card company.  The buttmunchers had already made a charge at the local gas station.  It was only $1, but…still and yet.  We followed that with a call to the insurance company and began the claim process for our estimated loss of $8500.  It probably took them less than 15 minutes to grab our big backpacks and load them up with all the small electronics/dvds/camping gear that we had amassed in the recent year for our venture to the pole. Needless to say, we got zero more trips in to the storage unit. One of our lifelines, Janelle, cancelled her plans for the evening and brought her laptop over so that we could create new passwords/close accounts/change accounts/etc.  We stayed in the house that night (with a bat by the bed)….oy


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2 Responses to “Stinkin’ Burglers - Oct 6, 2006”

  1. Tholo Says:

    “That is why I lost my lamp, because in the matter of keeping awake the thief was better than I was. However, he bought a lamp for a very high price; for a lamp he became a thief, for a lamp he became faithless, for a lamp he became beast-like. This seemed to him to be profitable!” –Epictetus

  2. stauchy Says:

    Thanks for the nice quote, I like it. I only wish the burgler could read it!

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