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One Injury per Month - Tuesday, Feb 20th (JRS)

One of the running jokes among some of us here is that Lynette has averaged one injury per month (not that anyone thinks it’s funny that she gets hurt, it’s just ironic, being the safety person and all).  February is winding down, so people are beginning to wonder if the curse could get broken.  Unfortunately, after today, the answer is no, but it didn’t quite follow the tradition.

As usual on Tuesday, we headed to the gym this evening to play volleyball.  Everything was going very well, and we had some really good games going on.  It was an above average night, and we were having lots of fun.  Right up until I came down wrong and my ankle buckled under me.  I happened to be the setter (center front position), so I called out, “No Setter!  No Setter!” as I was pulling myself off the court.  It’s kind of funny in retrospect.  I had sprained my ankle and was in a pretty decent amount of pain, but I was more concerned about nobody getting the second hit because I was unable.  Anyway, the point ended and everyone gathered around me (I had made it to the wall by this point).

The doctor happened to be on the treadmill, overlooking the gym, so he came down as well.  Bob, the UT, went to get me ice, and the doctor asked if I wanted crutches, which I did.  I sat there for a few minutes, and it just started hurting and throbbing more and more.  I finally decided to get up and head towards medical, with the help of Lynette and someone else, I hopped out of the gym.  The doctor met us there with the crutches, so I crutched myself the rest of the way to medical.  While there, he did some x-rays, which came up negative.  He said that it was a good think I hadn’t broken it because a broken ankle usually requires surgery that they are not equipped to do here.  He wrapped it up, told me to ice and elevate it, and gave me some anti-inflammatory pills.  He also said that I should avoid using it as much as possible over the next few days.

I later heard that people were talking about it after I had left the gym, wondering how long it would be until I would be back.  Some people were guessing that it would be at least two months, which definitely bums me out.  But, things take longer to heal down here than usual, so you never really know.


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