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Truth or Dare – Saturday, March 3 (JRS)

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Today was pretty much a normal Saturday, and quite a few people congregated in the galley after dinner.  Some people had drinks, and some people didn’t.  For the most part, it was just people sitting around talking.  Not incredibly interesting, but it was a good night to get to know some of the folks we’d be spending the winter with.

Somebody found some Truth or Dare cards in one of the lounges and brought them in to the galley.  We didn’t really play a full on game of Truth or Dare, but the cards made their way around the circle and different people would ask someone one of the questions.  It was an interesting way to get to know eachother.  Some of the topics were: name 20 things that you love; if you were both single, who at the table would you most likely try to date (nobody would answer that one); what person from history would you most like to have dinner with; and the list goes on.
Before too long, we ran out of cards, so people just started making up questions, which got a bit more interesting: what’s the worst thing you have ever done to someone; if your brother or sister went to jail for murder, but they insisted that they were innocent, would you help them escape from prison or help them evade capture; and stuff like that.  A few of the girls started talking about the “Shameless Hussy” club, which involved several rules that would make someone a shameless hussy.  They couldn’t have been all that accurate because I qualified for a few of the rules, and I’m by far not a shameless hussy.  But, it was fun to learn some people’s secrets.  Sorry, but I won’t go into the rules here.

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