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Stauchy Blog » Blog Archive » Lynette’s Big Revelation – Monday, March 12, 2007 (LAS)

Lynette’s Big Revelation – Monday, March 12, 2007 (LAS)

Moriba and Casey, our fantastic friends from CA who moved to Maui shortly before our move to the ice (By the way - you should check out their rental property if you want to go to Maui — http://www.mauivacationcenter.com/), made a video of their new digs, the kids, starbucks, and general shots of maui and sent it to us shortly before closing for winter.  When we finally got a chance to watch it tonight - I had a revelation.

I sent Moriba and Casey an e-mail the following morning — some of you have seen chunks of it, but I thought the freeflowing, free-thought nature of the e-mail might be the best way to express the revelation…Janelle is one of my other close friends who is still living in SoCal.



Last night, we finally watched the video tape that you sent.  We got it right before we moved and then I couldn’t remember where I put it after the move.  The house/yard/area looks great!  The kids look so cute!  It was the craziest thing to hear Inara talking (I was so shocked – almost to tears) and Denali was as cute as ever!!!  My favorite part was the demonstration of getting the head caught in the coffee table.  I hadn’t heard about the table before, but I love it!  Watching the video did a couple of things for me: (1) I definitely miss you more than Starbucks J and (2) It made me realize that this is not an experience I need to repeat.  I love it and I am glad that we decided to take a year to do this….It’s a weird feeling, though…almost like the rest of the world passes by without us.  The challenges of life and experiences for growth are self-driven and life just isn’t the same.  During the summer and as we eased into winter, I definitely thought I could see me as the kind of person that would get into returning here for seasons and traveling in the off-season.  Although the journeys might present some rewarding experiences and it is definitely interesting here, it seems almost as if you could just let your life slip right through your fingers even easier in this mode – so much of a lack of new stimuli. I was thinking about Janelle’s New Years resolution last year and the idea to experience something new each day and document it.  She found that it was fairly easy – and that each new day often presented some opportunity without her even trying.  Here, I think it takes effort and it takes the desire.  It’s not really an overwhelming thought for us now as we are early in the winter and still learning about the location with each new day…but it’s interesting to think about the people who come back winter after winter after winter….although I can see some appeal, it makes me wonder how close they are to the outside world and the people in it.  Do they not miss it?  Does it not ever feel like spinning their wheels in one location while the rest of the world and their close friends and family move on? 

Perhaps not for the first year, but I can’t imagine being satisfied with a life full of years that seem just like the previous.  It’s funny when people talk about previous seasons and can’t remember one from another.  I suppose years in general are sometimes like that, but there are usually things that help you account for different years because there are experiences that really stand out. 

(I chopped out some things specific to them).

Anyway, thank you so much for the video tape.  It helped put me on a quest of self-reflection and my (our) lives.  Suggest any material for reference/ideas?  I am so happy to be here, but I can imagine that I will be happy to move forward when the time comes. Jason and I chatted about it a bit after watching the video - We can’t wait to see you guys again and miss you dearly.

We didn’t realize that the time change would make it even longer until we could call people at normal hours.  We just might have to start having “middle-of-the-night” date nights with people so I can hear some voices of loved ones J  Talk to you soon… 

Don’t forget about us just because we aren’t eating at your house all the time! — Love ya!  Lynette 

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