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St. Patty’s Day - Saturday, March 17th (JRS)

We celebrated St. Patty’s day today.Lynette and I started the night playing cards, which we haven’t done since station closing. We were in the galley, which slowly became the place to be as people trickled in throughout the evening. Before long, the Irish Car Bombs were running rampant. For those not familiar, it’s a pint of Guinness, into which you drop a shot of half Irish Whiskey, half Irish Cream, which you slam. Slamming a pint of Guinness is a bit like eating a loaf of bread in 15 seconds. The Car Bombs are kind of a sneaker drink, and I ended up drinking about one more than I should have. Nothing bad happened, thanks to Lynette shoving water into my hand the rest of the night, but I didn’t feel great the next morning. I did have a good time, though, and people had a good time messing with me.

southpolestpattys_17-2007_023.JPG   southpolestpattys_17-2007_068.JPG

The pictures are courtesy of Jordan Anderson, our IT guy down here


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4 Responses to “St. Patty’s Day - Saturday, March 17th (JRS)”

  1. Payot Says:

    You forgot to mention that Lynette shamed you by easily finishing her carbomb before you.

  2. stauchy Says:

    That’s because I didn’t want to write about our friend Neal (aka Payot) drinking carbombs faster than any of the women there…and how all the men thought it was hot.

  3. kenlois Says:

    And Lynette is in orange,, true to heritage,,, fun,,,, love ya!!!

  4. stauchy Says:

    Accidental, actually. The galley has gotten a bit chilly with the large/cold conductive windows throughout. I was wearing green underneath, but my orange hoodie is the only one that i brought with me. I was occassionally decorated throughout the night with green beads, pins, and headbands - I suppose a cross between the 2 sides of heritage — where the orange and the green collide :)

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