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Bad Moon Rising, Monday April 2 (JRS)

It’s very interesting to watch the moon’s progression down here. I didn’t notice it much during the summer because you don’t tend to notice the moon when the sun is up. I would notice it from time to time, but in the winter, it’s impossible not to notice.

I walked out of the station today on my way to ARO, and the full moon was on the horizon. It was quite spectacular looking, and I just had to take a few pictures. The problem is that the moon is so bright compared to everything else that I’d either get a very dark picture, or the moon would be totally saturated. But it was fun anyway, and I feel like I got a couple of good shots.


The moon acts similar to the sun (and the stars for that matter) in that it just goes around and around in the sky. But, unlike the sun and stars, it’s orbiting Earth with a period of 27.3 days. So, it rises, then stays up for about two weeks, spiraling up then back down again.At this time of year, it rises when it’s full and sets near the new moon. But, the synodic period, which dictates the phases of the moon, is 29.3 days. So, throughout the winter, the full moon will occur further and further after moonrise until eventually it will rise during the new moon and set during the full moon. Its orbit takes it up to between 18 and 28 degrees above the horizon, depending on the time of year.Today was also one of the last days that the windows of the station will not be covered. Once it gets dark enough, all of the station windows have to be blocked with cardboard so that the light contamination is minized, give that there are quite a few light sensitive sensors that are activated during the winter. It was kind of cool to see the glowing windows from the galley, so I stopped to take a few pictures of that too.





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5 Responses to “Bad Moon Rising, Monday April 2 (JRS)”

  1. Tholo Says:

    So, the sun has set, but from the picture you obviously go through a long dusk. What is the official date you have complete darkness? How long does dusk last?

  2. Payot Says:

    After today, I really miss that nice flat surface between the station and ARO.

  3. stauchy Says:

    Good questions, Tholo. After the moon went down, it was quite dark. There are a few phases of twilight, which I’ll have to go into sometime in a future blog…

  4. alabamaglenn Says:

    Sorry, no comments about the moon, just that I really miss you guys and wish you’d drop me an email when you get a chance. How are the volleyball games going? Hope all is well and Lynette is staying injury free.
    Later buddy, glenn

  5. stauchy Says:

    Hey Glenn, it’s great to hear from you. We’ll drop you a line…

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