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Cinco De Mayo, Saturday May 5 (JRS)

Cinco De Mayo has been a Stauchy tradition for the last 4 years now.  All three years that we were in our house in LA, we threw a Cinco De Mayo party, so it was one time of year when we’d miss being “back home”.  As is my custom for the day, I made my world fameous margaritas.

Earlier in the season, Katie had mentioned that she made a mean margarita, so we had discussed having a competition.  As the day came closer, we decided that it was better if we just made some pitchers of margarita and had a good time.  The main difference between our recipes is that she used orange juice and I used lime.  No offense to hers, but Lynette & I definitely preferred mine, but what do you expect, I use the recipe for a reason.  Other than the margaritas, there wasn’t really a plan, so a bunch of us just hung out in the galley. 

Lynette and I joined a few people playing a puzzle game.  The conversation deteriorated as the night went on and people had more and more margaritas.  I won’t go into details, but it eventually turned in to a “which story is worse” contest that was very difficult to judge a winner becuase the stories were all so disturbing.  We’ve been told that as the winter goes on, this will become more and more common, with people deteriorating into worse and worse stories.  By the end of the winter, we’re told that 95% of conversations will be about sex or poop.  Sounds like fun!



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4 Responses to “Cinco De Mayo, Saturday May 5 (JRS)”

  1. Hadley Says:

    I have to admit, this is the type of stuff I love reading about your lives down there - the day-to-day-ness of things. I wish I had more imagination to work with while reading your entries re: the celestial phenomena. Alas, my weary brain spends too much time role-playing Cinderella’s conflict with her mean, ugly step-sisters (Mercer’s current obsession) to grasp the physics, much less the simple aesthetics, of what you describe.

    So, I enjoyed this entry because I can actually visualize what it must be like to be so isolated, with such a small group. The honesty, the RECKLESSNESS with which you divulge your most vulnerable moments, that must come with those close quarters that are coupled with the sensation that you won’t see these folks with any regularity, if EVER, for the rest of your lives…and then the feeling that you have to be careful at this stage because you WILL have to live with those confessions for at least the next five months but the closer you come to your departure, the less careful you become…Fascinating.

    As I mentioned to Lynette in my e-mail to her, those “summer camp” types of friendships are amazing, so intimate and intense. That’s the good stuff…in addition to those natural phenomena, of course! :) I have to say, I’m a little envious. What a great adventure. Love to you both,


  2. Payot Says:

    The stories really get interesting when they are about sex and poop. I now have a scar from the wound I recieved that night. Every time I drink down here, I get a scar.

  3. stauchy Says:

    Yeah, everytime you drink, I get a scar too… an emotional scar.

  4. stauchy Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Hadley, it’s great hearing from you! I’m glad that you’re enjoying the blog. A lot of people have compared life down here to their college days. I definately see the summer camp syndrome, but it’s like summer camp on crack. We’re all adults here, so we pretty much understand what’s going on, and we have a lot more freedome to do what we want. I think the friendships will last longer than summer camp, though. A year is a long time, and we’re making some pretty good friends down here. Given the unique place we’re in, it’s doubtful if any of us would live in the same city, but I imagine that we’ll keep in touch for a long time to come. But, you’re right, the definitive end to our time here definitely helps lower the inhibitions!

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