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Hash House Harriers, Saturday May 12

The Hash House Harriers is an internationally known organization that has been around since World War I (according to the Hashmaster, Neal, AKA Sascrotch).  He said that soldiers made up the game in order to keep entertained and to keep in shape.  It continued on as a fun activity that involves chasing the Hare through a course, singing songs, following a set of “rules”, and a couple of drinks.

My fellow science tech, Neal, was nominated to head up the HHH this season because he was one of the few returning winter-overs who had participated.  Everyone who wanted to join in met up in the Gym.  Neal explained the basic rules to the new comers, which included the overall goal (to catch the Hare), how to do it (follow the signs and clues that had been left behind), and some of the basic rules (for example, pointing was not allowed).  He introduced us to “The Hare”, which was the team of Cargo Katie and Michael the Chef.  They left in order to get a head start, and Neal then turned it over to Brien, the “Religious Advisor”, who led us in some songs that are part of HHH tradition.  This included the “Down, Down”, which is used if someone is punished or rewarded by having a beer.  Another song was used as a warm up that involved shacking our arms and feet.  Reall, the point of all of this was to let the Hare get a bit ahead of us before we started out after them.

After about 15 minutes, we all set out and our first sign led us outside and down the stairs towards the skiway.  We were then led out towards the cargo outbuilding, about 200 yards from station.  It was a kind of hazy evening, and there wasn’t much moonlight, so we had to use headlamps.  The haze gave everything kind of an eerie, but cool, effect.  At cargo, we had our first stop, during which we could enjoy the drink of our choice.  The path then led on towards the Cargo berms, then back towards the station, where it ended inside the main station again.  Overall, it took us about 45 minutes to complete the run.  Then we all gathered up again and talked about the journey.

We had a good time.  It was fun to get out on sort of an unknown adventure.  It would have been more fun with more people.  I’m not sure that we’ll be doing it again, but we’ll see what happens.


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