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Happy Midwinter, Thursday, June 21, 2007 (LAS)

Something that we never really gave too much thought to back home is the Winter Solstice (or Summer Solstice, for all of you in the Northern Hemisphere).  However, down here, it is quite the big deal.  While you are observing the longest day of the year, our “midnight” was this morning at 0600 and we are now en-route to sunshine.  That means that the sun is about 23.5 degrees below the horizon, and will be making its gradual return until we see it pop above the horizon again in mid-September.

sp-dinner-invitation.jpg   usa_sp-midwinter-greeting.jpg

We didn’t really realize until it came upon us, how cool this time of year is for communications between stations.  Each station puts together a greeting with pictures and warm wishes to celebrate the time…it’s been really cool to see crews and stations around Antarctica and islands in the lower latitude.  It has made me realize how truly unique we are to spend a year here as many of the station pics have plenty of daylight in them still.  Our largest station, McMurdo, along the coast has some darkness, but it is something like a total of 2 months as opposed to our 6-ish months.

Things are still going well.  We are happy to be on the downward slope of darkness and heading towards sunlight/off-ice adventures.  It is still beautiful and each day stsill offers something a little different.  However, it is safe to say that we are ready for the “next thing in life”.

Here’s a picture gallery of all of the greetings that we got from other stations around antarctica: Antarctic Mid-Winter Greetings Gallery

And here’s a picture gallery of a letter and some pictures that were sent to us by an “Operation Deep Freeze” veteran (1956-1957).  Pretty cool stuff! Operation Deep Freeze Gallery   


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