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Tidbits of July - Saturday, July 28, 2007 (LAS)

July has cruised along and we have really come to understand Neal’s description (one of our friends - another science tech) of the winter here at the South Pole:  “The days are long, but the weeks are short.”   Life here is fairly routine with rare glitches to keep it somewhat exciting.  Our excitement seems to stem from life at home.  This blog is a gathering of tidbits and our status for those of you who thought that we were no longer here since we hadn’t updated the blog in 2 months :) Here’s what is new with the Stauch’s: My family has become quite entrepreneurial this summer.  We are the proud financial owners of Bad Boys House of Cycles in Zebulon, Ga (need motorcycle/atv parts & service? – www.badboyshoc.com).  My brother and mom are the brains, legs, energy, we just gave the nod to make it happen.  They are doing an incredible job and hope to have the doors open in early August.  This, as some of you know, is within months of my brother and his wife opening The Pecan Patch Country Store (need some candy/fudge/unique gifts? - www.pecanpatch.com)

We reached the half-way mark on the Race to McMurdo.  This a ”race” to cover the mileage between the 2 US bases.  The total distance is 840 miles.  This means that we need to average 3.5 miles of distance (eliptical, running, ”equivalent” miles on a bike or rowing machine, or distance trekked around station) per day from the time we started until Nov 1.  We decided to move our finish date up to the first flight….so now we are looking at 4-5 miles a day.  Yes - it has helped the body shape….more to come in later blogs :)

The station store still has plenty of booz, but the stock of candy, snacks, and soda are dwindling rapidly.  There are only 2 types of candy bars in the store left.  It makes us thankful for the overload that we thought we received on candy and snacks.  It would have been too much between the CA boxes, boxes from the Carmichaels, and boxes from my mom.  It’s been depleting from our room at a good pace as we share with our friends given the depleted supply in the store.  A huge call-out to my mom who sent 2 big things of gatorade.  I thought it was going to be overkill, but they are great (especially since the litte packets in the store are $1.25).  It would be incredibly difficult to stay hydrated here in the winter with our full work-outs without it.

I wore a cool new belt on Friday that my friend Mary put in a care package for me. So, this is a picture of me last night. The hair is almost back to “normal” length after last summer’s chopping.  It was a long week and the party night before the 2-day weekend of the month. Mom had sent some light blue polish and some royal blue glitter that combo’d (picture #3) together made a nice match for the fingers and toes to the fun belt that Mary sent along.  It had been a while since we “prettied” ourselves up - it was a fun night. Tons of compliments on the new belt and matching nails. Thanks for the mini-fun night pick-me-up help!

prettybelt2.jpg    prettybelt3.jpg

I may have found a new supplemental career when we return to the states - Hairdresser.  Up to and including today, I have given 8 haircuts in the last month to men here on station.  I really should start taking pictures :) .  I wouldn’t say I am good enough to accept payment, but the clients seem to be happy.  If I could only figure out how to cut my own :)

Travel plans are coming together.  We are very much in the prelim stages of planning the round-the-world tour, but it looks like we will get off ice sometime around Nov 1.  We’ll spend a month in NZ, a month in Australia, hop over to South America for a couple of months, then the US for a fairly quick friends/family tour, then eastern/southern Africa (Kenya to Capetown), some short European stops, and hopefully completing with trekking in Nepal and some time in Tokyo and/or Hong Kong before returning home.




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