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August excitement - August 24, 2007 (LAS)

August presented itself with an emergency response to the power plant and our MCI (mass casualty incident) drill.  Throughout the month (at least on relatively clear days) we scanned the horizon for more light from the sun.  Jason was playing in a 9-ball pool tournament and volleyball was still every Thursday and every Sunday.  Beyond that, most of our free time was spent daydreaming about the travels to come and thinking about what we wanted/needed to purchase for the upcoming travels.

The month started with an all “clean shaven” science tech crew.  Jason decided to shave all his facial hair over the weekend and try out the “new (or old) look”.  Since I have known him, he has only shaved twice - each for a very short period of time.  The first was on our honeymoon (he quickly grew it back when my first reactionwas tears - it was just so strange after 6 years of knowing him with the same facial hair).  The second was for a halloween costume (when he and I dressed as Britney and Madonna (I am happy to say there were no tears on that day).  So, he decided to give it another go (and has kept it fairly clean ever since) and the other 2 science techs, Neal and Nick, also went for the clean shaven look. (Picture in order is Neal, Jason, and Nick)


On the day of the Power plant alarm (we think it was 8-11) the day started with an alarm in the Power Plant.  Most people were enjoying breakfast in the galley when the alarm sounded.  After the events on Dec. 26th, none of us really like the sound of “A Fire has beenreported - in the Power Plant - in the Power Plant”.  We got to the scene, and much like before, saw that vaporized glycol had set off the alarm.  The good news with this alarm is that the ER team has really learned a lot since the Dec. 26th event.  Everyone knew what needed to be done, the issues, the concerns, and best approaches.  The team worked well to mitigate the issues and it went fairly smoothly.  It was definitely a case of being able to enact “if we only knew then what we knew now” - and it proved to be true.

pp_schwarz.jpg  pp_schwarz2.jpg

Photos Courtesy of Robert Schwarz

Our MCI drill was this morning.  We had 3 volunteer “victims” (Pictured left to right are Dan Pitts, Paul Smith, and Dave Ford - Photo courtesy of Dainella Nartker)


All photos below are courtesy of Robert Schwarz

mci-schwarz1.jpg mci-schwarz2.jpg  mci-schwarz3.jpg




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One Response to “August excitement - August 24, 2007 (LAS)”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    Hi Lynette and Jason:
    I know you are about to leave there and gon another world wide adventure. It is getting close for you to leave. I have really enjoyed reading of your time there. Doesn’t seem possible it had been a year but guess it is to you and you are ready to leave. I keep up on things from your Dad, Lynette. We have been really busy here with our activities in all kind of things here in Griffin. Keeps us “young”
    Well, good luck on your new trips and keep in touch.
    Love, Aunt Mary Ann

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