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Grand Champion! - September 20, 2007 (JRS)

Having finished an 8-ball league earlier in the season, Michael, one of our chef’s, put on a 9-ball league.  It started in July, and since 9-ball is pretty much a game of slop, I decided to join in.

9ball_heidi2.JPG (Picture courtesy of Heidi Lim)

The league consisted of two divisions of 8 players.  We all played 9 games, one game against each player in our division, and 2 games against random players from the other divistion.  This “regular-season” play determined the seedings for the tournament.  The top 5 from each division played in the main tournament, while the rest were in a consolation tournament (the winner of which won his/her money back).  I ended up number 3 in my division, which meant that I only needed to win one game to be in the money.  The problem is that I had to play against the number 2 seed from my division (number 3 overall), which was none other than the organizer himself, a very solid player.
This turned out to be the most tense game of the season for me.  I had worked myself up pretty good, but when it came down to it, I believed that even though he was generally a better player than me, that I could beat him.  It was a best of 7 match, and it came down to the seventh game.  In the end, I sank the 9-ball and came out victorious, giving me a sure $50 payout.  I was so nervous, and it was such a relief for the game to be done with.  I really don’t think anyone really believed I’d win.

About a week later, I played my division’s number 1 seed (number 2 overall), Tracy, the head of FEMC (Facilities, Engineering, Maintenance, and Construction).  Again, I felt like he was generally a better player then me, but I figured that I could beat him, and I did in six games.  My nerves weren’t nearly as tense, and I had a bit more fun this time.  After this win, I was up to a sure payout of $100, so I was pretty pleased.

9ball_heidi.JPG (Picture courtesy of Heidi Lim)

My final game was against the number 1 seed from the other division (number 1 overall), Brian, one of the Carpenters.  Although the general consensus was that Brian was not quite as good as Micheal and Tracy, I knew I had my work cut out for me.  But, I was again on fire, playing my best of the season.  For some reason, throughout the tournament, I was dead on for the 8 and 9-ball shots, and it didn’t fail me tonight, either.  I had a few pretty wicked shots, combined with a few fortunate 9-ball leaves from Brian.  He also had some great shots, but I ended up with the better fortune, including a 9-ball in on the break (my first of the season).  It was best 6 of 11 and I beat him in 9 games, taking home the grand prize of $150.  Fortunately for me, this more than made up for my poker losses (but not by much!).  It was a great time, and it was fun to be referred to as “champion” for the next few days.





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