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Final Sunday - Sun. Oct. 28, 2007 (LAS)

Assuming that weather doesn’t impede movement of planes, today is our last full day at the South Pole.  We focused on final packing, finishing little projects, having our “one last time experiences”, before tonights’ winter over ceremony.


132 now seems like a crap-ton of people.  At 1030, we were up for breakfast.  With the arrival of an additional basler full of people yesterday, station population is up to 132 and walking in to see the line for brunch was the first realization that the station was really filling up with people.  We are now the minority.  The 54 that owned the station for 8 months were getting phased out by the new arrivals, the excitement of a new season, and the introduction of new projects.  We really could feel the shift had occurred and it is making me quite anxious to go. 

We enjoyed a casual breakfast before heading out to ARO.  We needed to head out anyway and we saved our last ½ mile of the “Race to McMurdo” to be the round trip outside.  The Race to McMurdo was initiated at the beginning of winter by our friend Heidi (Physician’s assistant).  The goal was to run, bike, row, walk, or stair climb the equivalent distance between the South Pole Station and McMurdo.  In order to equate the aerobic workout, rowing and biking are given equivalences of caloric output.  Biking, for example, required 3 miles to equal 1 McMurdo mile.  So, over the course of the winter (capped with our walk to ARO today), Jason and I each logged 840 “McMurdo miles” and finished the Race to McMurdo!

On our way back, we met the rest of the Science Support crew at the Pole for the “Science Support family photo shoot” which included the outoing and incoming science techs and their supervisor.  I was the family photographer.  Following the photo-shoot, Jason and I took some pics at the pole and a short video with the penguin costume (capped by him banging his knee into my head accidentally when I hit the ground).
Meanwhile, Neal led science techs in some retard sledding events.  I think that should be an event if he ever kicks of South Pole field day – there could be points for style and a primary goal of “fastest time down”.

finalsunday-006.jpg    finalsunday-026.jpg    finalsunday-051.jpg

(Science support crew from 2007 and 2008 at the Pole, what a bunch of geeks!)

finalsunday-063.jpg (Go Tech!!)

finalsunday-072.jpg (body sledding)

finalsunday-103.jpg   finalsunday-105.jpg  (The sweet penguin costume that my mom made and sent down).

Following the photo shoot, we headed inside for one last winter-over only volleyball extravaganza.  The regulars all showed and everyone seemed to be in top form.  It was really fun volleyball and everyone agreed that it was the best note to end the season – it was a blast!

Early evening was spent with last minute packing and cleaning before grabbing dinner and then another photo trip to the Pole.   Our friend Michael has been making some guest appearances on the Colbert Report who recently asked for a flag of the Colbert Nation to be flown at Pole.  Michael, Dainella, and Nate set to work to create a flag and we met at the Pole tonight for some pics.  Pics were, of course, followed by more retard sledding – this outing deserves it’s own blog…


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