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Motivation to Stay - Nov. 3 (JRS)

Lynette started the day with a tour of some of the construction activities.  Everyone hit the ground running with the delayed arrival.  I did training in the lab during the morning, came up with a daily task list, and went through all of the experiment wiring diagrams (very productive morning).  The evening brought a fantastic aurora show that reminded us of the excitement of wintering (after watching some of the “survivors” “escape” the day before).

After lunch,  Lynette focused on administrative issues from her office and set-up her training schedule to officially begin on Monday (She is responsible for training on specific safety issues such as fall protection, confined spaces, lock, tag, try, etc). 

After lunch, I went to ARO to do daily BSI tasks. Snow was all piled up in my way.  Went back to lab to do some troubleshooting on one of my projects.  I got some practice soldering, and changing in and out boards.  When I was being interviewed for this position, my now-boss asked me how comfortable I would be with soldering at -30F with big gloves on.  I told him that it was not in my repertoire of experience, but that I would give it a shot.  Pretty cool stuff.  Fortunately, I got to do this soldering inside where it’s warm, but you never know what you’re going to have to do down here.  We got a group together just before dinner to cleaned up the extra bunker gear.  Lynette and I had house-mouse duties today.  Every Friday at 1600, we meet 4 other folks from our berthing unit to clean the bathrooms in our area (A different group of 4-6 every day).  We signed up to do the ladies by ourselves because our schedule gear clean-up kept us late from the house-mouse duties.  

After housemouse, I went back to the lab to debug a spare board while Lynette went to do some unpacking.  We received 2 dressers and hadn’t “moved in” as we hadn’t heard if we were moving or if we would receive more furniture.  For now, it sounds like we will stay were we are. We currently still have 2 mattresses on the floor and 2 dressers.

The fantastic show - One of the winter-overs (who is coming back for our winter after the “summer break”), spends his free time photographing the auroras.  He then pieced the pictures together with music and put together an awesome short movie of the winter 2006 auroras.  It was beautiful - a great reminder of one of the things that drew us to the Pole.  If you dig around his website, he has a few of his aurora pictures.  We’ve heard that he’s world-renound for his shots. http://www.antarctic-adventures.de/ .  I bought a poster to liven up our room a bit and some picture postcards that he had made before heading off to bed.


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3 Responses to “Motivation to Stay - Nov. 3 (JRS)”

  1. jjskie Says:

    Sounds like a camping trip! Glad all is going good and you are having fun. Maybe you will want to extend your time!

  2. Nova461 Says:

    Hey guys! Apart from not having any furniture in your room, it sounds like you are starting to get settled in and comfortable down there. Can’t wait until the ‘photos’ part of the site is up and running…I’d love to put a slideshow from you guys on the projector for FMB… :)


  3. stauchy Says:

    We’ve gotten our new laptop, now, so hopefully that will help us keep up with the blog more, and also help us organize and post our pictures. We’re anxious to put up more pictures, but unfortunately things are pretty crazy, and the morning-only satellite window doesn’t help.

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