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Stauchy Blog » Blog Archive » Inca Jungle, Day 2 – Monday, Jan 7, 2008 (LAS)

Inca Jungle, Day 2 – Monday, Jan 7, 2008 (LAS)

This morning began with a pancake sandwich.  Yeah, sandwich.  It was holy cow good (well perhaps to all except our friend Janelle).  Essentially a banana, rolled in a pancake, and smothered in maple syrup—you know, the heart-smart good-eaten kind of food!  We left Santa Maria on foot and headed for Santa Theresa.  We were lucky with beautiful weather and some amazing scenery as we made our way across the pass on a path that would definitely make (and did make) those with a fear of heights have some real troubles.

perubolivia30d-035.jpg   perubolivia30d-063.jpg   perubolivia30d-043.jpg
More...We We did learn that our guides didn´t have a first aid kit (as we were told that they would).  Luckily, we didn´t need one…and if we had…luckily I didn´t fully trust that there would be…one of the girls in our group, however, busted her knees pretty good when she fell moving over a rock slide area…she had a rough time…and I was sorry I hadn´t packed a bigger bag of medical supplies…
The hike was absolutely beautiful.  There isn´t much to say beyond that.  I suppose it is worth mentioning our encounter with a kid with a pet monkey and another with a pet rat-ish looking animal.  Our hike ended at some thermal springs.  We were meant to hike the rest of the way to Santa Theresa, but the rest of our group wanted to spend more time at the springs and take a bus into town.  Perhaps our only mention that there were several Argentinians who seemed to be in a bit of post-school party mode (complete with pre-lunch cervezas on the trail) and not as much into the hike itself…if they spoke English well, you might have thought they were the sterotypical American (not that we necessarily agree with the sterotype…but it is sometimes true…)perubolivia30d-046.jpg   perubolivia30d-052.jpg   perubolivia30d-036.jpg


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5 Responses to “Inca Jungle, Day 2 – Monday, Jan 7, 2008 (LAS)”

  1. Payot Says:

    If you could deep fry that pancake sandwich, it would be perfect.

  2. ccstirkjr Says:

    Cuzco .. Food stufff in the World A La Carte way

    San Blas is a nice area for lodging … & …. not to mention a feed

    On the funky side but not at San Blas like the Hotel Royal Frankenstein ,San Juan de Dios 260 tel 236999 ludwig_roth@hotmail.com , run by a mad German fellow and his family quiet crypt like rooms (spiders on request ) & nice views on the top floor rooms S/.15-25 .

    Couple quite good places to eat all kinda near or at near Plaza San Blas , Granja Heidi great food especially diner / & the ” Indescribably Perfect Chocolate Cake ” … good vedg dishes to …. reasonable prised set vedg lunch menu also sunday brunch… diner reservations recommended .. at Cuesta San Blas 525 tel 33-8383

    Cafe Muse Afternoon sun or sun set from top of San Blas ….. over a cafe or te’ or drinks . good gringo fare .. Music in the evenings after 10 pm ….

    Also Km 0 pub often has music nice crowd tends not to have as many gringos reasonable prices …

    The small veggie place on Choquechaca near the SAEC Cafe Cultual Ritual .. good lunch menu … as is Moni on the same street

    Jacks Cafe has been getting good Reviews as of late …

    Plaza de Armas & Gringo Ally are not the place to go for food Yakumama Procuradores 399the last place on the left at the top of Gringo Ally quite good … good omelettes bacon fresh bread good value …

    For other Pubs Discos loads of places on or near the Plaza de Armas …… of note Paddy’s Irish pub but tends to be über crowded on holidays & often just because , also has gringo food at tourist prices …

    Also don’t skip Arequipa ……

    Happpy travels

  3. stauchy Says:

    Thanks for the comments. Payot, yes the pancake/banana sandwich was a bit over the top, fried would be downright “American” (although we´ve learned that term is a bit offensive in South America, since people here are also, indeed, Americans).

    ccstirkjr - I assume that you´re PJ´s cohost… or perhaps a frequent listener to the show. Welcome to the blog, and thanks for reading!

  4. ccstirkjr Says:

    Caught you all on the World A La Carte

    Just another traveler & Peru is a bit of a love of mine

    Been traveling in southern bits Americas for years …

    Of not if you have any questions on the SA leg of your trip happy to help my self …. & of note if you haven’t found all ready … the South America Thorn Tree Travel Forum Branch of the Lonely Planets web site is active and can be quite helpful comunity …..

    Happy travelers

  5. stauchy Says:

    Excellent thoughts. We unfortunately didn´t have time for Arequipa. Definitely a reason to return to Peru from what we understand. We hope to one day come back and boat from Iquitos to Tefe similar to out boat trip from Porto Velho.

    We have had lots of success with information on the Thorn Tree. We have been talking about adding a few thoughts to some notes we have read - perhaps when we one day are caught up with all other comms :) - Lynette

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