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Machu Picchu-Fri, Jan 9, 2008 (LAS)

Machu Picchu.  We made it!  We opted for the hike up.  A few members of the group wannied out for the bus.  i am guessing the “hair of the dog” trick wasn´t going to cut it again.  We were happy that the girl witht he injured leg took the bus - it was painful just to see her hike, let alone the steep climb over the last couple of days - a real trooper.

The wake-up knock came at 0450.  We were given a snack sack for “breakfast” to carry up the mountain and before too long we were on our way up to Machu Picchu.  Shortly after we began our ascent, the rain started coming.  At first a light drizzle, neither one of us wanted to don our rain gear given that it was so warm out and we were so hot making the climb.  We both put on the coats but opted out of the rain pants.  big mistake - it wasn´t hot at the summit, especially as we sat around for a bit waiting for the remainder of the group.

perubolivia30d-144.jpg   perubolivia30d-145.jpg  perubolivia30d-147.jpg 

We headed into the ruins and headed to the group meeting place.  Our guide was to give us more information on what we were to see.  We found that Victoria was better at translating the information to her (unfortunately for her, that made us bug her a bit when we didn´t quite understand something).  It was definitely nice to have her around.

Osgell did a fairly good job of detailing the ruins and significant portions of the area.  As we made our wayaround the area, clouds moved in and out between the mountains and the ruins.  It was neat to watch.  With wet pants, however, we were shivering quite a bit for the first few hours in the area.

  perubolivia30d-148.jpg  perubolivia30d-151.jpg  perubolivia30d-152.jpg   perubolivia30d-202.jpg

In anti-stauchy style, we decided to eat lunch and relax on one of the upper terraces overlooking the ruins.  Historically, we would have rushed up Wayna Picchu (an option for us) snapped a few photos, and rushed down as we MAY be on the 2pm train to Cuzco (our guide didn´t know which train we were on).  With a growing blister on my heal and the seemingly constant movement of clouds, we decided to slow down a bit, relax and just enjoy the views from the top of the ruins.  It was a nice change for us - and we had some friendly alpacas walk past us.  Maybe we are getting old with our travels….nah…

perubolivia30d-228.jpg   perubolivia30d-233.jpg   perubolivia30d-240.jpg

We got back to the hotel, changed into dry clothes, and made our way to find the guides to find out what time our train leaves.  As we are on the 2pm bus, we have about a half hour to roam the town a bit.  We checked out a few stores, bought a coke (where Jason set the camera down and left it - luckily it was still at the store when we returned for it).

After the camera scare, we headed for the train.  We chatted with a girl from Anchorage for most of the ride before getting off in OLL to catch our bus (which was nowhere in sight).  We coordinated another bus ride, paid in cash and headed for Cuzco).

Our last night in Cuzco was a bit of coordination mayham…more to come…



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2 Responses to “Machu Picchu-Fri, Jan 9, 2008 (LAS)”

  1. Payot Says:

    Congrats on relaxing for a bit. You got UnStauchafied!

  2. stauchy Says:

    Thanks - as you know from watching us in action now - it was a tough choice. Perhaps our more laid back travel buddies for the previous 2 months did influence us more than they know :)

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