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She’s broken (but only slightly) - Nov. 6 (LAS)

The morning and afternoon were pretty much standard work days for us.  We did get some interesting words from Safety Bill and the first injury of the new season occurred - yes, it was Safety Net.  oh! The irony!It was another early start to the day with FEMC’s first all-hands weekly safety meeting out at the construction jamesways at 0630.  I was there to talk about cold stress and the buddy system, as well as knowing how to use equipment before you charge off (getting proper training).   These were 2 topics that already seemed to be plagueing the troops.  From there, I went to a staff meeting in to morning and then held my first South Pole fall protection class. It was a pretty uneventful day for Jason - mostly getting final tidbits from Bob as he isn’t here much longer.

The rest of the afternoon was somewhat uneventful.  I had e-mailed Safety Bill (the guy I replaced) with some “where is this/how do i find this/what’s been done before questions” and asked him how we was doing.  He sent this reply from his days in CHC:

         I am quite sure that I’ve never felt better in my entire life.  My appreciation for the world and colors and scents and smiling strangers and sushi   

         and fresh beer knows no bounds.  It’s very intense, both the good and the bad wash over me like salty waves in a warm sea.  My senses are

         hieghtened and my smile is big.  They say that it’s suprising how many Polies you hang with, but it’s fun to have ready-made friends in this

         strange land. 

I can’t help but wonder what words I’ll speak when my time here is over.  Will the transition be amazing or will it be sad to leave?  or both?

We went to dinner around 6pm and ventured down to look for mail.  We peeked our heads into skua and found some nice fluffy purple towels to be our nice surprise later in the year (score!).  We then began to round folks up for volleyball.  By 730pm, we had 4 on 4, not bad for last minute decision to play.  We played for quite a while, until “that moment”.  “That moment” when I went for a dig on a serve (which she got by the way and the team continued to play and score the point).  On my way back up from the down-low lunge, I heard a pop in my calf and felt a minor amount of pain.  I thought I stretched a muscle and could walk it off.  I went to take a 2nd step and almost hit the floor.  I hoped my way off the court quickly and leaned against the wall.  Jason ran over and started asking questions.  Surely it would pass.  I was just going to rest for a bit.  It only seemed to hurt more. 

At some point, it became what I described as the “most excruciating pain I had ever felt.”  I finally agreed to accept the escort to medical.  Jason and Andrew helped me hobble my way to the 2nd floor. Jay (our physician’s assistant) was on call for the night and he came to check it out.  Definitely a muscle issue and definitely the outer calf muscle - Patty, the Physical Therapist from McMurdo will be here tomorrow and can check it out some more.  For now, rest (stay off of it), ice, elevate - you know - the usual…give it some time….

Jason and our friends gathered some ice and comforts for me and then Jason and I went to bed.  My gait was limiting me to flat foot on the left and a mere toe-touch with the right.  Surely it will pass quickly.



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5 Responses to “She’s broken (but only slightly) - Nov. 6 (LAS)”

  1. Nova461 Says:


    Hope you feel better soon! What is life at the South Pole without frequent games of volleyball?? You’ll be back on both feet before you know it.


  2. srgarlan Says:

    If you guys are “looking for mail”, does that mean we can send you stuff? -Shannon

  3. lstauchy Says:

    Absolutely. We have some limitations. Only through the USPS (Post Office). In order for us to definitely get it, it must be in the mail by Christmas (no garauntees that it will make the last plane in Feb if it is inthe mail after end of Dec). No styrofoam peanuts and no aerosals. Keep in mind that we are fairly constrained (non-useful items to the station have to ship back out with us). Beyond that, follow the USPS rules (alcohol, explosives, etc). Additionally, send us an e-mail with your address if you want anything from the Pole. We lost all contact information with the loss of our laptop - so even if you don’t want anything, please help us rebuild our database of contacts :) . Our mailing address is:

    Stauch, RPSC
    South Pole Station
    PSC 468 Box 400
    APO AP 96598

    Thanks for asking! Lynette

  4. Tholo Says:

    Let’s see, what would I want from the South Pole? Hmmm…. Snow and ice…, nah, that’s too easy… oh, oh, I know!!! Send me the pole!!!

  5. stauchy Says:

    You got it! Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery…

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