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Email Home Nov. 19 (JRS)

While the blog was down, here’s an email I sent to my family on Nov. 19.

Life here is good.  It’s been very busy these first three weeks.  Lynette has been working with supervisors to make sure everyone has the safety equipment and training that they need, and has been doing work-site inspections.  I’ve been trying to come up to speed on all of my projects and I’ve been sending emails to all of the U.S. point of contacts trying to figure out who to contact about what.  I’ve also been working with our web page because our original webhosting company uses ports that are not accessible from here for security reasons.  So, I had to change webhosting companies (as you know), and there’s a fairly major hassle involved with that.  I’m hoping to be done within the next few days so that we can start blogging again.  We haven’t written anything since we got to the Pole, so we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

It’s warming up quite a bit.  It’s up to about -20F today.  It’s amazing how quickly you get used to the temperatures.  It’s still a little funny to hear myself saying that it’s “up to” -20F, but that’s pretty warm compared to the -50 when we first arrived.  The clothes that they gave us really are quite warm.  On several occasions while I was walking around outside I’ve had to unzip my “Big Red” (the red, goose down parka that they issue us) because I was getting so hot.  Riding on a snow mobile gets pretty cold, though.  The coldest I’ve been was a couple of days ago when I played stupid by going out only wearing long underwear and a pair of cargo pants on my lower half.  I unexpectedly had to make a trip on a snow mobile and ended up being outside for about an hour when I only expected to be out for 15 minutes max.  I didn’t get frost bite, or even frost nip, I just had cold legs for about a half hour.  I was talking to one of our friends down here and he said, “you’re in Antarctica, man, it’s a harsh continent.”  That’s the catch phrase around here: “Antarctica: it’s a harsh continent”.

Well, I’ve gotta run and do a calibration before it starts getting dark… Oh wait, that won’t happen for another 5 months.  Anyway, I gotta get it done before dinner!


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