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RIO!, Sat-Mon, Feb 2-4 (LAS)

Rio wasn´t quite as scary as we were told that it might be.  We had a great time enjoying the festivities around carnival.  We were a little disappointed with the weather-but in general had a great time.  We also enjoyed the company of our college buddy, Mike, and a friend of his (Sami) for the festivities in Rio!


Sunday was a dreary, rainy day.  We took the opportunity to have a ¨down¨day and sit around the hotel and watch bad 80´s movies.  It was a nice break.  In early evening we met up with Mike and Sami and took a taxi to Sugarloaf for some great views of the city. 

img_3754.JPG   img_3756.JPG

We then enjoyed a fantastic dinner at a Rhodesio in Copacabana (Carretao).  We wandered the streets a bit towards a hotel showing the superbowl.  We managed to catch a bit more than the last quarter ‘CRAZY GAME!´.  It was strange for the 2 of us to hear so many American accents in one place!

On Monday morning we met up with Mike and Sami and made our way to Christ the Redeemer.  When we first arrived, it was raining and overcast.  We went up to the base and the face of the statue couldn´t be seen from where we stood.  There were no city views to be appreciated either.  As we waited, it cleared a bit.  As the platform packed out with people, it was funny to watch people standing around waiting for the haze to clear enough to get a picture of themselves in front of the statue.  The mass public would be so calm and quiet until someone noticed a break.  Then it was mass movement getting the camera man in the right place at the right time for the right picture since the opposrtunity might only last a few minutes.  It was quite funny.  We stayed long enough that the fog cleared quite a bit and we enjoyed views of teh statue and the surrounding city.

img_3773.JPG  img_3776.JPG  img_3785.JPG  img_3816.JPG  img_3796.JPG   img_3814.JPG   img_3817.JPG

We made a couple of bottles of caiprinnhas and packed a bag of snacks–We headed back to the hotel and got ready for Sambadromo. 


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