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CARNIVAL!, Monday, Feb 4 (LAS)

Carnival in Rio is every-bit as impressive as the hype!  It is a pricey experience, but the costumes and the music of Sambadromo are worth the price to see in person at least once! We also had some very friendly Brazilians near us who were happy to share insight into the parade.  They kept us posted on the famous Brazilians in the parade and their favorite schools and why.  It was great!

We had some pretty good bleacher seats in Sector 7.  Unfortunately, we didn´t take the good camera in with us and the video is a bit on the not-so-good side.  The upside is that it gives good reason for you to figure out how to get there on your own one day and see it in person for yourself!

We did see 6 of the top Samba schools:


img_3852.JPG  img_3860.JPG

Unidos da Tijuca

img_3888.JPG   img_3893.JPG


img_3923.JPG  img_3953.JPG  img_3940.JPG  img_3941.JPG

Vila Isabel

img_3982.JPG  img_3993.JPG  img_3999.JPG 

Grande Rio-Our favorite male dancer was this crazy fast dude in silver who was part of the Grande Rio School.

img_4006.JPG   img_4011.JPG  img_4034.JPG   img_4031.JPG

Beija-Flor.   The 2008 champion was Beija-Flor. Beija Flor’s winning parade honored legends of the Amazon rain forest, receiving a near-perfect score of 399.3 out of a possible 400.

The coolest “group” of dancers that we saw was from Beija Flor, who had people dressed in big white fluffy costumes that looked like ocean waves and others in fish costumes who then scooted amongst the waves during certain parts of the song.  It was really cool to watch from the stands!

img_4054.JPG   img_4052.JPG   img_4065.JPG   img_4043.JPG   img_4075.JPG

A real crowd pleaser was this guy.  He was part of the clean-up crew and apparently (according to our friendly bleacher neighbors) famous for his dancing between parades. 



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  1. Payot Says:

    Looks like loads of fun!

  2. stauchy Says:

    not bad, dude… not bad.

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