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PT and crutches - Nov. 8 (LAS)

Today was the first day of physical therapy for the calf.  As it turns out, the physical therapist thinks I have a partial tear of the outer calf muscle (gastoc?).  This means physical therapy in medical and a fantastic set of crutches to begin “shadow-walking”.  Essentially placing no weight on the leg, just slowly trying to stretch it out (avoiding the perma-ballerina).

The fantasmic physical therapist from McMurdo, Patty Sanders, came by my office on her first break (I have her scheduled to teach back safety, ergonomics, and stretching for our crews here - as you can imagine, muscular issues are a big deal with the temps and strenuous work level for a lot of the construction crew). She had me do some resistive tests and massage to locate the pain.  She isolated the issue to the outer calf muscle, which she told me is good news as it will heal faster and on its own.

She did some cross-tissue massage on the area and then used the ultrasound on it for a bit.  The massage and ultrasound is meant to break up any scar tissue so that healthy tissue rebuilds.  She then got the crutches out (scolded me for not starting on them sooner) and had me do some shadow walking up and down the hall.  “Let pain guide you” she said — “don’t do anything if it hurts, but we have to get it longer.”  She also talked to me about calf stretches/lifts to start rebuilding.  The recovery path is to have double-heal lifts, single-heal lifts, and then eventually standing on steps and dipping the heal below the steps (10 days from now, hopefully).

We set up a schedule for the PT in medical with message and ultrasound — essentially every other day.  I am sold to go from now on - I felt so much better and by the end of the day, I could almost set my foot flat on the ground (no weight) thanks to the shadow walking.


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