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Stauchy Blog » Blog Archive » Shopping Spree and Identity Crisis! - Oct. 10, 2006

Shopping Spree and Identity Crisis! - Oct. 10, 2006

We got up early (going to be late and getting up early was becoming a habit, and a highly annoying one at that) and drove up to Denver where Lynette had supervisor training.  I dropped her off and tried, unsuccessfully, to check into the room early since we had the back of my dad’s Saturn View was packed full of our stuff.  We didn’t love the idea of driving around with an SUV full of everything we were taking on our trip, especially given that we were still reeling from the burglary.  But, I dind’t have a choice, so after planning out my day in the hotel’s computer lab, I headed out on a massive shopping spree.

If there’s one good thing that comes out of being burgarlized, it’s the shopping spree that followed.  Let me start off by saying that I really dislike shopping, and I HATE going to places like Target, Walmart, K-Mart, etc.  But, let me tell you, I had some fun at Target, particularily in the DVD isle.  We had made a list of the DVDs that we could think of that we had owned, so I headed down the isle, tossing DVD after DVD into my cart.  I felt like that dude on the Game Show Network that has 3 minutes and 30 seconds to shove as much stuff into his cart as possible.  Picture me running down the isle with my hand behind the DVDs, creating a wave of DVDs falling into my cart.  Children giggled and old men danced… it was fantastic!  Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t even come close to offset the crappiness of being burgarlized, but it was a shining moment in the midst of total suck.

During my Target Spree, on which I amassed an impressive $400 worth of less-than-$20 items, I got a few phone calls.  One from the escrow company saying that we still needed to sign a couple of documents before closing (which was scheduled to happen that day); one from our realtor who re-iterated that point; and one from our insurance adjustor who had a question about the claim.  I headed back to the hotel to take care of those things and met Lynette for a quick lunch.

After lunch, I headed out on a quest to replace our electronics.  Electronics is one thing that I actually like to shop for, so after the fun I had a Target, I was pretty psyched about the afternoon.  To make a long story short, the afternoon turned out to be a total bust.  I had hoped to at least get a new laptop and camera, but ended up with a copy of Family Tree Maker (which costs a whopping $70), and a DVD case (which we eventually returned).  A bit of a downer after the glorious morning.

I picked up Lynette at about 3pm and we headed for the DMV to get new licesenses in Colorado (partly because Lynette’s CA ID had been stolen, and partly because we wanted to establish residency there).  Compared to the California DMV, it was relatively painless, with the exception of one lady who we’ll call the DMV uber-bitch.  Right when you walk in, there is someone there to direct you where to go, depending on what you want.  She was very fast, and quickly told us that a passport was not considered a valid form of ID and that I’d have to have my birth certificate, in spite of the fact that I had my driver’s license, passport and marriage license.  “That’s why you should always carry your birth certificate,” she told us.  Show of hands… how many of you carry around your birth certificate?  Just wondering.  Anyway, we headed to the counter anyway because Lynette had her birth certificate, and we still thought I should be all set given what I had.  The next lady we ran into was much more helpful.  She concurred with her co-worker about the passport, but looked me up in the system and noted that I actually still had a valid driver’s license in the state of CO.  Because of that, she got it cleared with a supervisor to go ahead and give me a new one based on the documents that I had with me, despite having the bad luck of DMV uber-bitch lingering nearby the whole time telling her that it wouldn’t work.  Turns out we were in and out within about 45 minutes, which is a small fraction of the time we were expecting to spend there.

Next, we were on to REI to replace all of our camping gear that was stolen.  To make another long story short, we spent about 3 hours and racked up an over $1000 bill there.  We got a couple of backpacking backpacks complete with carrying duffels for checking in to airlines, a new jacket for Lynette, a sweet water purifier that zaps all the little yucky bugs out of water (good for international travels), binoculars, a tripod, and some other miscellaneous things that I can’t think of.  Not quite as fun as Target, but kind of crazy to spend that kind of money in one shot.  The biggest downer of the whole process is settling on gear that isn’t quite the same as what we had because we’re in a time crunch.  We had spent years amassing stuff that was perfect, and now we were forced to replace it all in a few hours.

By this time, all the stores were closed and we had a lot of packing to do, so we hit Benny’s for dinner (our favorite Mexican restaurant in Denver… Sloppy Burrito…mmmmm), then headed back to the hotel.  Lynette went up to the room to start packing up our stuff while I worked on finishing our list for the insurance claim, which we had started the day before.  The adjuster wanted us to give a “fair value” for each of the items on the list, so I spend a lot of time in the computer lab doing on-line window shopping for everything we had lost.  She had also asked for a list of all the DVDs and CDs that had been taken, but by the time I finished with the master list, it was very late and I wasn’t up to that task.  However, we finally had a tally on what had been stolen (at least, whatever we could think of, which I’m sure isn’t everything): somewhere in the ballpark of $8500.  Friggin burglars!

By the time I was done with that, Lynette had packed up most of our stuff, and we decided that we would be bringing everything with us to Colorado Springs the next day to finish up packing everything, including the stuff we had left to buy and a couple of things we left at my dad’s.  It turned out to be an early night for us, we were in bed by 2am.


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