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Highlights of a time period almost forgotten - Nov.9th-21st (LAS)

When we first arrived at the Pole, we were pretty good at jotting down notes to help with the blogs once resolution was found. The excitement of doing that without actually communicating and posting wore off. As a result, we’ll be meshing a lot of days together and trying to highlight some of the “happenings”. We have the computer, now, so expect great things in the near future (of course our satellite hours are moving more and more into the middle of the night). At any rate, here’s a stab at the highlights from Nov. 9-Nov.21 (based on what we each had in our calendars).  For miscellaneous pictures from  November and December, see our web gallery: South Pole November and December.
Together Work
*Attended first all hands meeting – Lynette hobbled up for the safety moment on stretching (lots of laughs from the crowd) and station safety around heavy equipment
*Emergency Response Team
-Alarm in the galley at 11pm-ish one night (someone burnt some popcorn)
-Respirator Fit Testing
-Training with Team 2 on fire suppression systems across station
-Tours of buildings for ER equipment, points of egress, etc

Jason’s work
*Completed training on snowmobiles and training on the piston bully
*Compiled information about each project, who are my points of contact, and what institutions are associated.
*Worked on getting up to speed on Standard Operating Procedures for each of his projects, getting familiar with the projects’ instrumentation, and made a detailed schedule of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks.
*Dug through old, and poorly organized, documentation about different projects, most of which was at least slightly out of date, if not completely.
*Began inventory of equipment

Lynette’s work
*Updated the Supervisor’s handbook outlining expectations and identifying every potential form needed for work completion this season.
*Changed training tracker to develop South Pole-specific training tracker
*Started workcenter inspections and tracking safety issues
*Began tracking of safety gear to document what is on station, condition, inspections, etc
*Visited worksites
*Completed weekly checks on the rodwell (our primary water supply) and the emergency water tanks in the emergency power plant for coliform and bacteria
*Began annual inspections of all fall protection gear
*Created a new billboard for posting safety information/pertinent safety information
*Initiated tracking of resources to educate people on station-wide water consumption and fuel consumption levels
*Initiated the Star Safety Performer program on station to highlight individuals putting safety first (Individuals spotlighted each week are put into a drawing each month)
*Taught at least one class every day on one/more of the following topics:
-Respiratory Protection
-Fall Protection
-Bloodborne Pathogens
-Hearing Protection
-Lock, Tag, Try (LOTO)
-Ladder Safety
-Scaffold Safety
-Confined Space Operations
Fun Times
*Crutches were ditched after about a week
-Started working on the treadmill and aerobic blocks to rebuild the calf muscle
*Warren Miller night
-One of the guys working at ARO for NOAA went to the Boulder office for Warren Miller before deploying and asked them to provide a copy of the newest Warren Miller film for our entertainment at the Pole. They also gave him some prizes to pass along.
*Game nights – Some regulars and some not so regulars
-Pictionary, Taboo, Cranium, Balderdash
*We attended science lectures on:
-The High Altitude Survey (the reason that we wore the crazy hooked-up suits to sleep)
-Bicep and the search for cosmic microwave background to learn more about start of universe
*Good Morning America (GMA)
-Following one of our town meetings, we filmed a spot for GMA
-We gathered around the Pole (which meant a slow hobble with help from Jason) and yelled, “Good Morning America from the South Pole Station” following an introduction from Jerry -Marty, the NSF rep here on station
-Was never aired – see www.stauchy.net for clips



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3 Responses to “Highlights of a time period almost forgotten - Nov.9th-21st (LAS)”

  1. Tholo Says:

    “Men wanted for Hazardous Journey, Small Wages, Bitter Cold, Long Months of Complete Darkness, Constant Danger, Safe Return Doubtful, Honor and Recognition in Case of Success”

    –Advertisement for the Shackleton expedition to the Antarctic on the “Endurance”
    see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endurance_(1912_ship)

  2. lstauchy Says:

    Hola! One of our fellow polies was wearing a t-shirt with the advertisement and it made me think of you when you found that for us. It’s definitely not as hazardous and harsh (but the wages are small) :) .

  3. manny gomez Says:

    you sound like you having lots of fun

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