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Iguazu Falls, Sun-Mon, Feb 10-11, 2008 (JRS)

Iguazu Falls is more impressive than the best picture you might have seen. The falls are so big that a picture just can´t do it justice. The expanse is immense. The best you can do is an aerial photo. Alas, you will find none here, but google it and you´ll definitely want to see it in person! :)

080210s_iguazu-3.JPG    080211d_iguazu-32-34.JPG

Because of Sami & Mike´s flight schedule and our flight to BA, we kept separate itineraries for viewing of the falls and met up for a bit in the evenings. While they went to the Argentinian side on Sunday and Brazilian side on Monday, we did the opposite itinerary.

Many people will tell you to hit the Argentinian side and call it “done”. We would offer that it is worth 2 days to see both as they each offer a unique perspective on this amazing wonder. The Brazilian side offers the Panoramic views of the falls, while the Argentinian side has a more intimate view of the falls and a larger network of trails. By the time we got to the falls (after an overnight bus ride from Campo Grande, finding a hotel and getting something to eat at McDonalds) it was mid-afternoon so we only had a couple of hours. It turns out that this was plenty of time because there was only one trail that was reasonably short. We were treated to some great panoramic views at the beginning of the trail:


Along the trail, we saw several racoon-looking animals:


As a finale, we went up to Garganta do Diablo (The Devil’s Throat), which is the main part of the falls. We were treated to a view from about half-way up the falls looking into the throat:
We took the bus back into town and got some Pizza Hut for dinner. After not having “American” fast food for so long, we wanted to take advantage of it while we could. We know it sounds cheesy, but at some point you just crave something familiar, no matter what that happens to be. After dinner and some internet time, we met up with Mike and Sami to hang out for a little while. We said our goodbyes to Sami that night.

The next morning we indulged in the nice all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet (one of the best we had in South America, but considering the price we had to pay for the hotel, it really should have been). We then said our goodbyes to Brazil and took a bus across the border into Argentina. We had really enjoyed our time in Brazil, but it was nice to get back into a Spanish speaking country where we’re a bit more familiar with the language. After an awkward border crossing (we had to get off the bus, go through immigrations on the Brazil side, catch another bus to the Argentinian side, go through immigrations there, then catch another bus into town), we found our hostel and checked in with the friendly young lady at the desk.

We arrived at the falls later than we thought we would, so we had to rush the itinerary a bit. On our first stroll through the jungle on the way to the falls, we got a great view of a few Capichin Monkeys:


We then hiked around the falls for the afternoon, including a trip over to an island onto which some of the falls fell. We were treated to view after magnificent view of the falls, all from a closer vantage point than we had seen from the Brazilian side.


From there we took the small train (provided by the park) to the boardwalk to the overlook of Garganta do Diablo. Unfortunately we had to practically run to the overlook in order to get back to the train in time for our next hike. The overlook was situated right on the lip of the main part of the falls and it was absolutely incredible. We could actually feel the power of the falls as it fell from our feet into the valley 100s of meters below.


I wish that we could have stayed longer, and after we finished our next hike, we would recommend staying at the overlook for longer and skiping the hike, if you had to make that choice. At the end of the hike we saw a fairly lame waterfall, especially after what we had seen all day, but we did get to see a group of creepy looking centipedes all clustered together, and a snake crossed the road in front of us so we saw it slither off through the trees.
We then headed back to our hostel where we met Mike and went next door for a nice dinner. We then walked around town for some shopping (we picked up a Mate mug) and got some ice cream and watched a couple doing Tango. Back at the hostel we called a few hostels in Buenos Aires and made a reservation before going to bed in anticipation of our flight to BA the next morning.


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