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Thanksgiving Celebration! – Saturday & Sunday, Nov. 25th & 26th (LAS)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This is how we celebrated Thanksgiving at the South Pole!  Fore more, higher-res pictures, see our gallery: Thanksgiving.

We were up on Saturday around 0900 and did some more online shopping to try to replace stolen items and organize the expenses of replacing items vs the reimbursement we initially received on depreciated values. From there, we jumped into our 2-minute showers and started getting dressed for the holiday festivities.

There were 3 seatings for the Thanksgiving feast. Jason and I signed up for the 2nd seating with some of our Polie friends. We were dressed and ready when the first seating was enjoying appetizers in the decorated hallway with musicians. We made our way down to the B1 lounge for some social time, pre-partying with a bunch of 2nd seating friends. Our meal started in the main hallway with live music from some fellow Polies and some incredible appetizers.

From there, we went into the galley, which looked great! Decorators had hung lights and decorated wine bottles for candleholders and made it look awesome! We sat down and wine servers (folks from 1st or 3rd seating) began filling wine and water requests. Jerry Marty, the NSF Representative onsite with us all summer, made some nice remarks of reflection of the 1st Thanksgiving feast at the South Pole 50 years ago (then it was held outside) and a reflection of where the US Station has been in 50 years.

Jerry Marty's speech us_thanksgiving.jpg

The food was, like everyone claims South Pole food to be, Incredible! Turkey choices were smoked or roasted – Great! I am pretty sure the smoked turkey I ate must have been the Pole dancer – as it was tender J. Our wine servers kept the wine and water flowing. After dinner, they served dessert (I went with an awesome pecan pie, Jason went for the traditional pumpkin) with whipped topping and some hot chocolate. On top of the food, the company was great and the dinner was a real party! People were loud (apparently the loudest seating) and in high spirits – it was a blast! None of us wanted to leave, but we eventually we urged out to accommodate third seating.

Jason and I hung around to help with the table transition for the third seating. From there, we made our way back to the lounge to hang out with the crowd. Some folks had retired for the night and others had made there way to smoker’s bar (previously known as the “Dirty old bastards bar” and now referred to as “90 South). When the 3rd dinner began winding down, they pumped up the music in the galley, moved tables away, and sent a runner to the lounge. We all hit the dance floor. It was a blast! At some point, our friend Sarah obtained a spatula from the galley and started “spanking” people (a repeat of Halloween festivities, actually). As that made it’s way around the room, she grabbed a huge wisk to continue her dance moves. Tim was cracking us up with various dance moves – all the while with devil horns on his head. The party was really good until someone grabbed the spatula and actually hit someone pretty hard across the back of the leg (he was out of control – not even sure who it was). I quickly grabbed the utensils and hid them back in the galley. The party began dwindling as people moved down to the bar. Jason and I decided that the festivities were pretty much over for us and made our way to bed.

The funniest moment I experienced was when 1 of our new friends, Nichole, looked at me and said “You’re more drunk than you were at Halloween”. This was a true statement as I didn’t drink at Halloween and only had 2 glasses of wine at dinner and a shot of tequila in the lounge (but nothing for almost 3 hours prior to her comment). I just laughed and said, “Nope, this is me – I’ve been drinking water for 3 hours”. I’ve gotten that a lot in my lifetime – maybe 1 day I’ll take a hint to tone it down J….probably not…

Sunday was pretty much recovery day for most folks. As Jason had been on call on Sat night and I didn’t drink much, we were feeling great when we met up with friends to talk about the night before and enjoy another fabulous Sunday brunch. A fairly lazy day…we watched some movies and were generally lazy.


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  1. manny gomez Says:

    hope you having lots of fun

  2. mhomier Says:

    I hope you are still having a good time. I read all the previous posts to get up to speed. Looking forward to more blog entries. Have a Happy New Year!

  3. jjskie Says:


  4. stauchy Says:

    Glad people are enjoying the blog. We’re definitely still having a good time, and we’re trying hard to catch up with the blog and picture galleries. Things kind of hit the fan this week, so its been crazy, but we’ll get caught up eventually. Thanks for reading and all the great comments. Stay tuned!

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