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Buenos Aires, Feb 12-14, 2008 (JRS)

Mike decided to join us for our time in Buenos Aires, so we spent three days exploring the surprisingly modern and safe city. Portenos (residents of BA) are stereotyped throughout South America as being conceited and that they look down upon everyone else. What we found was more of a pride of who they are and an unexpected happiness considering the rough times that Argentina has encountered in recent years. The city itself was wonderful with a wide variety of districts, each with their own flavor. As the Tango capital of the world, we of course had to see a Tango show while we were there as well.

All in all, we spent one full day and two half days in Buenos Aires.  We arrived from Igazu at mid-day, then took a taxi to the hotel for check-in.  We stayed at the Recoletta Hostel, which was so-so with some rude workers, but it was a reasonably cheap bed (although we had to pay for 4 people instead of 3 if we wanted to be together since we were mixed sex) and that was good enough.  We didn’t waste any time before hitting the streets in search for information about a bus to Puerto Madryn and then catching a local bus to La Boca.  It’s described as the artisean area of B.A., and it fit the bill, chalked full of local artists selling their art and with streets lined with vibrantly painted buildings.  Lynette and I could not resist a tile painting and a yerba mate mug for our collection.


We bussed back to San Telmo, the heart of the Tango District in search of a show.  The dinner-theater type shows were either not happening that day or were too expensive for our budget.  So, we continued to walk back towards our hostel, running across the “Pink House” (the presidents residence”).


Close by, we found Cafe Tortoni, which was listed in our book as a good, cheap place to catch a Tango Show.  We waited in line and got in last-minute for a dinner/Tango show, which was decent, but nothing to write home about (just enough to write a blog about).


The next day we went to the main bus station to book our tickets out of town the next day, then spent the day in the Polermo district.  This is the upscale area of BA, filled with a zoo, botanical garden, and nice parks surrounded by high-rises.  It was a nice day walking around and on the way back to the hostel we visited the Evita museum and also her grave site.  Both were interesting finds.  Here’s a picture from one of the parks in Polermo.


The next morning we walked to the opera house to find that it was closed to visitors because of renovation work.  We then said our goodbyes to Mike, saw him off on a taxi to the airport, and shortly after heaved our gear on our backs for a walk across town to the bus station.  From there it was a 19-hour bus ride to Puerto Madryn, punctuated by a very nice sunset and even better sunrise over the endless fields of cattle.


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