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Stauchy Blog » Blog Archive » Another superhero - Oct 11, 2006

Another superhero - Oct 11, 2006

So, rumor told us to be at the Raytheon office early.  So, we headed over to Raytheon and arrived at opening at 0700.  We got our badges, login information, and travel funds while in Denver.  Jason went to set-up our online payadvice for direct deposit and expense reimbursements while I went on a mission to figure out how to change our permanent address in Raytheon’s system and recover money for the expenses that we had from our summer travels for training (all our receipts were in the laptop bag that was stolen on Friday).  That’s when we really got to know another superhero that helped us along the way to get to Antarctica.  Her real name is Chris and apparently her job is to save people’s asses all day (because she seems to have done it at some point for almost everyone we know in the Polar Services Program), and from what we could tell, her favorite phrase is, “oh, I’ll just take care of that for you, if you want me to.”  She set me up with a computer and we were able to contact rental car companies and hotels to get new receipts faxed to the office.  Training started promptly at 0900 and the day was packed!  Every break was spent running to the fax machine and compiling receipts/info for her and she battled the crazy online expense system on our behalf.  If we had questions, she had answers.  She even gave us part of her lunch when our crazy receipt battle prevented us from getting some of the pizza offered at lunch break during training.

The day ended with a quiz on the various training that we had received on safety.  With that, we were off to do more shopping. Jason dropped me off at the mall and I replaced some of the “fun” jewelry, my make-up collection, and some lotions that had been stolen from the carry-on bag.  Jason, in the meantime, went to buy the Canon SD 700 for the 3rd time (in case you missed the story of the 1st theft, someone stole it from the front steps on the first delivery day).

We returned some items to target and obtained a few small things needing replacement before heading back to the hotel.  We decided to head back to the Springs for the night.  We loaded up the Saturn and were just pulling out of the parking lot when my mom called - which reminded me that she had overnighted my new credit card to the hotel.  We went back and I asked at the desk for my special package.  There was no sign and no record of it.  We drove out and had Rick check the delivery confirmation number.  The package had been delivered and signed.  It’s funny what a burglary makes you think - I, was of course, concerned for theft.

I called the hotel, they assured me again there was no package.  I asked if someone works there during the day with the last name on the signing document.  He said “yes” - and I said — then I am pretty sure it is there.  He assured me it wasn’t but would check again.  I said, please check all UPS - it’s probably a small package. He said “oh, a SMALL package — yeah — it’s here”.  By now, we were half hour south of the hotel and I was pissed. Why did the size matter when he is searching for a package in my name? oy! Luckily, we had the cell number of a fellow polie staying at the same hotel who went and grabbed it for me.  We pressed on for the Springs, stopping along the way at an electronics store for new noise cancellation headphones, and at Walmart for some odds-and-ends.

We had a package opening/bag stuffing party at the Stauch’s in the Springs.  Rick, JoAnn, and Taunti opened new DVDs and packed them into our new cases. Jason took care of the camera and I worked on the make-up bag and the small camera and his ipod.  We took a break at around 11pm to get our grub on before we turned our sights on shifting stuff/repacking bags (at which point the remaining Stauch’s hit the hay).  I finished “sorting the goods” and getting my PE paperwork together before hitting the hay at about 2am.  Jason finished paperwork for the insurance adjuster, including a list DVDs and CDs that we had thought of so far (thanks to Taunti for the help with that), and followed about an hour later.


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