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She’s broken…again, Sunday, Dec. 3rd (LAS)

I thought today would be the day that I would return to the volleyball court.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get 100% healthy around here…

 During brunch, I chatted with some friends about returning to the gym for the first time since the torn calf muscle.  Jason decided to make his daily trip to ARO for work a bit earlier so that he could also join the festivities. While he was out, some friends approached and asked me to be in their SPIFF (South Pole International Film Festival) movie.  Every year, people put together movies for an annual summer and one annual winter movie festival. 

It’s not uncommon for “safety” to make some guest appearances.  In this film, there are folks “tramping” around station, I find it unsafe, and am constantly trying to catch them.  I, unfortunately, am always 1 step behind.  So, I agreed to film a portion of the movie which had me running up the big snow hill, looking for them, and chasing after.  We decided I would slide down the same hill after them.  As I was dropping down onto my rear, my right foot got caught underneath me on a chunk of ice and the leg didn’t come around.  I heard a big pop and some pain fairly immediately.  I hobled my way into the station and was greeted by Beth Watson who told me that a package arrived insured for me yesterday.  I was so excited to see the DELL box.  Janelle came through for us, again with a delivery of our new laptop!!!

I hobbled my way to our room with the precious box, got some ice, picked up some videos, and lounged in bed until Jason returned from ARO.  He joined me for a lazy evening.  We went to the galley for dinner and the Sunday night science lecture - Today was on the 10m - the new South Pole Telescope that is lookign for “origin of the earth” type stuff — pretty cool.  The whole time I kept my leg up with ice on the knee and avoided using it.  Bending wasn’t much of an option - it was pretty painful.  We’ll see how I feel as days go by.


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3 Responses to “She’s broken…again, Sunday, Dec. 3rd (LAS)”

  1. Tholo Says:

    Might I suggest a slight change to the script where, not only is ‘Safety’ one step behind, but she keeps injuring herself in the process….

    Loved the photos of you guys on the other blogs–especially your Halloween costumes. Oh, and the picture of Lynette with the tequila bottle was classic and may have to appear anonymously on the bulletin board at work.

    You know I want details on the Telescope!


  2. stauchy Says:

    Now I’m curious which picture you’re talking about! There were some great pictures of Lynette on Halloween…

  3. Tholo Says:

    Actually, the tequila photo was Thanksgiving:


    But the Halloween photos are all fun:



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