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There’s No Place Like Home, Mar. 24-June 3, 2008 (JRS)

After being in Antarctica for 13 months and traveling for 6, we were, to say the least, very excited about getting back to the US to visit friends and family that we hadn’t seen for over 1.5 years. It was a big sigh of relief as we boarded the plane from Easter Island to LAX (via Santiago and Lima). Over the next couple of months we visited LA, Maui, Georgia, Colorado, and DC.

Our first stop was LA where we met up with a lot of our friends from out time there. We did a Brown Bag presentation at JPL and Parsons about our time on the ice and our travels so far, which seemed to be well-received. It was so great to be somewhere familiar and to see our good friends once again (not to mention get some Coldstone Ice Cream and a Bloomin’ Onion from Outback, just a couple of the many cravings we satiated during our 7 days there).

We then spent a glorious 11 days in Maui (it’s good to have friends who live in Maui). We caught up with our very good friends who lived just down the street from us in LA. We did a bit of touristy stuff and we did a lot of just chillin’ with our friends and relaxing, recovering and re-energizing from our travels.

After that we had a night back in LA, a brief stopover (and lunch with my brother) in Denver enroute to Atlanta where we spent 3 weeks. We spent some time with Lynette’s family (it was so great to re-connect with family after such a long time away), but spent most of our time at the Motorcycle Shop that Lynette technically owns, but really her brother, Joe, runs: Bad Boys House of Cycles.

080417s_ga-1.jpg (Bad Boys House of Cycles showroom)

080426d_ga-12.jpg (By the fire on Lynette’s mom’s property in GA)
Our next stop was Colorado for about 10 days where we visited my Dad and Company there. They have a beautiful new house in the Black Forest just outside of Colorado Springs. It feels like a cabin out in the woods, but is only a few minutes from town. We also caught up with some friends from Denver (although not as many as we would have liked since we, as usual, put off sending out a “get-together” email until the last minute).

080504d_co-0.jpg (the view from Jason’s Dad’s house)
Finally, we went to Washington DC (we had planned on going to Austin, TX, but my Mom and Step-dad ended up having to move to Phoenix before we were able to visit them - luckily we were able to spend some time with them in DC) for my brother’s graduation from medical school. It was a great time there as all of my family was there to celebrate. We then spent an extra week with my brother and his family and had a great visit there.

080517d_dc-2.jpg (the two of us with Dr. Stauch)
Did I say finally… we actually decided to push back our departure for Africa by a week and go to Georgia (partly because I had a major anxiety attack about heading to Africa with absolutely no plans, and partly because we had some unfinished business to take care of at the Motorcycle Shop). After a mad-dash-drive from DC to GA to DC and a quick stop to pick up our passports from the Indian Consulate, we boarded our flight to London and onward to Nairobi, refueled (although a bit apprehensive about living out of a bag again) and ready for some great new experiences in our RTW trip!


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